Trying to find classroom themes throughout the year can be tough. There are some months where there are really obvious themes. For example, in December, you will automatically think of using Christmas as a theme.

Unfortunately, for some months it can be harder to think of themes. One such month is August. In his month, there are not many themes that will immediately spring to mind. To help you, we have chosen some of the best August themes to use for your preschool classroom.

What Happens in August?

As mentioned, August is a month that is not as intimately tied to events as other months. Consequently, you may struggle to think of classroom themes for this time of year. Here are some of the subjects that August is associated with:

  • The summer: as a summer month, August is renowned for its sunny weather. Across the world, many children are off school during August.
  • Women’s Equality Day: on the 26th of August, the annual Women’s Equality Day is celebrated. This date is used to remember the importance of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920. Because of this, women were permitted to vote in the United States. This is a great opportunity for you to celebrate this with your preschoolers.
  • National Watermelon Day: every year on the 3rd of August, National Watermelon Day is celebrated. While this is more of a whimsical event, it is nonetheless an outstanding opportunity to eat plenty of watermelons.

As you can see, August is not the busiest of months, being associated with some lesser-known events. Yet, there are some great themes that you can extrapolate from the month.

Now that you know some of the holidays that you can base your theme around, here are some activities and decorations that will contribute to these themes:

Popsicle Tracing

15 Exciting August Preschool Themes For Your Class

As mentioned, August is a summer month. You will get lots of stunning sunny weather during this period. Because of this, icecreams and popsicles are popular over the summer. This fun activity gets your preschoolers to trace patterns onto popsicle worksheets.

This will allow the kids to make the worksheets bright and colorful. Most kids will love this activity, especially if they are creative and enjoy arty projects. Once the preschoolers have completed this activity, you can use these worksheets to decorate the classroom.

Doing so will add a splash of color to the classroom. Plus, it will get you ready for the summer.

Another benefit of this activity is that it will improve the motor skills of your students, getting them to follow complex patterns with pens, pencils, or crayons.

Watermelon Counting Clips

In honor of National Watermelon Day, you may want to give these counting clips a try. You can place them on your classroom wall and use the clips as a quick game with your students. All they have to do is count the number of seeds on the watermelon. Then, they must place the clip over the number. 

This is a beneficial task, as it will enhance the counting skills of your students. This can be useful when they face mathematical problems. What’s more, this is a really simple task that you can easily make yourself. It only requires some basic equipment, such as paper and clips.

As mentioned, this game can also be used for decorative purposes. You can even decorate your entire classroom with watermelons to reflect this annual holiday.

All About Me

The summer is often a period of transition. It is about the end of one school year and the start of another. Consequently, you might want to get preschoolers to fill in these “all about me” worksheets. They ask your child to write and draw about themselves. For example, the sheet gets them to draw a self-portrait.

These worksheets are a great way of getting to know your students better. They can even help the preschoolers learn more about one another, thus leading to them forming friendships. These worksheets are bright and fun, meaning that they are guaranteed to appeal to preschoolers.

Once the sheets have been filled in, you can attach them to the classroom walls. This will enable the preschoolers to look at the worksheets so that they can get to know each other better.

Aside from this, we also love these worksheets because they will improve the skills of the students, including their handwriting and drawing skills.

Preschool Classroom Rules

Preschool Classroom Rules

Every classroom needs rules. This is because they ensure that everyone is behaving properly. Without rules, a classroom would devolve into chaos.

This set of classroom rules is great for any preschool. The poster manages to be both fun and educational, meaning that your preschoolers can learn from it whilst also being entertained. It features a title with eye-catching colors. It also has some fun visuals for the different body parts involved in these rules.

This will make a perfect poster for most preschool classrooms. It is particularly appropriate for August, as it will be ready for the new year. This means that your new class will be able to read these rules when they first enter the classroom in September.

Apple Pie Paper Plate

The apple picking season normally begins in August and September. To commemorate this tradition, here is a simple yet effective apple pie craft that you can make from paper plates. Since most schools have an abundance of paper plates, this is an activity that doesn’t require any expensive or specialized equipment. 

All you need to do is cut an apple in half. As a teacher, you should do this stage of the craft yourself, as preschoolers should not be given sharp objects. Next, your students should dip the apple halves in paint and press them against the center of the paper plate.

This will make it look as though the pie is filled with apples. Then, all they need to do is decorate the outside and top of the plate so that it looks like a pie.

Once finished, these paper apple pies will make for perfect classroom decorations. Plus, this is a great opportunity for you to teach children about how apples are grown.

Watermelon Popsicle Craft

Do you love watermelon? Most kids love this juicy fruit. As a result, you can plan lots of activities that contribute to the theme of National Watermelon Day in August. A great craft for doing this is making a watermelon popsicle out of paper.

Because this craft involves lots of cutting, you might want to give your preschoolers a hand. You will need to cut some seeds out of black paper, plus some green and white paper for the rind.

This paper watermelon can simply be stuck to a popsicle stick for a straightforward task. Your preschoolers can even pretend that they are eating the watermelons.

Wonderful Women Wall

Wonderful Women Wall

As mentioned, Women’s Equality Day is celebrated in August. As a consequence, this is a wonderful chance to teach your preschoolers about the importance of equality. While the concept may be a little difficult for some preschoolers to understand, there are lots of great ways of breaking down this sentiment.

One method that you can use to teach children about the importance of women having the vote is by celebrating wonderful women from history. The great thing about this theme is that there are lots of different women that you can focus on, meaning that you have a broad array of options.

Kids are never too young to learn about important figures in history who are often overlooked, so we think that this is a worthwhile theme.

Sunflower Fork Craft

In the summer, flowers are fully bloomed. Due to their similarity to the sun, sunflowers are the perfect flowers for symbolizing this season. This craft celebrates summer with a sunflower, making it the ideal August activity.

We love the simplicity of this task, as you will only need a piece of paper, some paint, and a fork. Simply dip the fork in yellow paint and press it against a blank sheet of paper. Forks are perfect for achieving this petal-like look.

This craft is so easy that most preschoolers can complete it with minimal supervision.

To us, this is an excellent August theme because it perfectly encapsulates the beauty of summer. You can hang this sunflower art in your classroom if you want to add a touch of summer.

Paper Plate Watermelon Fan

Here is yet another wonderful watermelon craft for your preschoolers. As mentioned, paper plates are an ideal tool for preschool crafts. In this activity, paper plates are utilized to construct fans. This can keep your preschoolers warm during the summer.

Your preschoolers can paint the paper plates to look like watermelons. They can do this with green, black, and pink/red paint. Then, the students can fold over their plates and stick them to a popsicle stick on either end.

This will certainly help to get you in the summer mood.

Happy Campers Display

Happy Campers Display

Due to the warm weather, August is often an outstanding time for camping. This interactive display will get your preschoolers excited to go camping. Camping can take many forms, most prominently in a tent or a campervan.

This display asks your preschoolers to pick between camping in a tent or a campervan. They can then color in a worksheet for whatever option they pick. If your preschoolers like arty crafts, they are certain to find this one fun.

Afterward, these coloring sheets can be added to the display, thus filling the room with bright colors.

Footprint Ice Cream

Ice cream is widely consumed in August. To reflect that, ice cream can be a major part of your August classroom theme. This outstanding craft allows your students to make ice creams that look just like the real deal!

They can do this by dipping their feet in paint and dipping them on plain paper. Then, pens and paint can be used to decorate the footprint so that it appears more like ice cream. You can use different colored paint to symbolize different ice cream flavors.

While this task might be a little messy, most kids will find it thrilling.

Handprint Campfire

As warm as August can be, the nights can be chilly. To mirror this, you might want to utilize this fun campfire art. Consequently, it makes for a terrific theme.

To make this creation, your preschoolers will need to make a handprint with a warm color, such as red or orange. A mixture of these colors will create a more realistic fire. Then, this print can be added to a sheet of paper. Add some logs underneath the fire for a finishing touch. 

As you can see, this is a super straightforward task. If you put these pieces of art in the classroom, it will create a very very cozy environment.

Sunshine Catcher

Sunshine Catcher

August is known for its sunny weather, which you can capitalize on with this beautiful sun craft. The sunshine catcher will create some stunning lights. You simply need to make these templates and place them on your classroom window.

This also gives you the chance to educate your preschoolers about the sun. If you are searching for a summertime theme, you cannot go wrong with this sunshine catcher.

Starfish Craft

Because most people visit the beach over the summer, sea creatures can be used to create an incredible classroom theme. One way of instilling this theme is through crafts, such as this starfish activity. It can be used to create some gorgeous and glistening starfish art.

One of the main benefits of this craft is that your preschoolers can use whatever they want to decorate a starfish template. This allows them to get in touch with their creative side. If you use this starfish art in a classroom display, it will look stunning.

Camping Corner

Lastly, we really appreciate this camping corner. It looks incredibly inviting. You can use this theme to decorate a segment of your classroom. Then, you can read stories and sing songs around the fake fire pit.

Overall, if you want to have a safe space in your classroom for reading, we recommend utilizing this camping theme. 

Final Thoughts

While August may be one of the more relaxed months in the school year, there are a surprisingly large number of events that occur in August. Hopefully, this list will inspire your theme.