Preschoolers love learning new things. They also enjoy playing games and having fun. If you want to engage them during their summer vacation, then these 15 exciting preschool themes are perfect for you.

Summer break is a great time to get kids excited about learning. There are plenty of ways to encourage children to explore new subjects. From science experiments to arts & crafts projects, here are some ideas for summer activities that will inspire your child.

Children are naturally curious. They enjoy exploring the world around them and learning new things. These 15 exciting preschool themes will give your child lots of opportunities to discover new things.

1. Science Experiments

Science Experiments

Science is an important part of life. It helps us understand how the world works. Kids can learn all kinds of interesting facts by experimenting with different materials. Here’s one idea: Make a volcano out of baking soda and vinegar.

This is an engaging activity that will fascinate your students as well as educate them about chemistry. Learning about science is essential for children to learn about how the world works. Other activities you could include for this theme are making slime, creating a rainbow, or building a model rocket.

These are all great ways that children will stay focused and learn about new things while still having fun!

2. Art Theme

Art is another subject that many people don’t think much about until they have a kid. But art has been used throughout history to express thoughts and feelings. Children can use art to communicate their own ideas and emotions.

Here are some ideas for art projects that will help your class express themselves.

  • Create a collage using pictures from magazines and newspapers. You can even make it into a book if you like.
  • Draw a picture on construction paper. Use crayons or markers.
  • Paint a picture on canvas or poster board.

There are so many ways for you to inspire your class to create art and to express themselves through it. For this theme you could even introduce your class to some famous artists and ask them to paint pictures inspired by the artist’s work.

3. Music Theme

Music Theme

Music plays such an important role in our lives. It helps us relax, calm down, and focus. Some people find music calming when they need to study or sleep. Others listen to music when they exercise or play sports.

And everyone enjoys listening to music at parties and social events. Here are some ideas to help you teach your class about music.

  • Play a song on the piano. Ask your students what instruments they know. Then play each instrument along with the song.
  • Sing songs together. Encourage your students to sing along.
  • Learn about music theory. Teach your students about basic chords, scales, and keys on simple instruments such as the recorder or drums.

4. 4th Of July Theme

Teaching your preschoolers about the 4th of July is a good way to both celebrate the occasion and teach them the history of the holiday. Some fun activities you could do with your class include these fun and simple 4th of July craft ideas as well as games.

5. Animals Theme

Animals Theme

Animals are fascinating creatures. They are full of personality and character. Teaching your kids about animals is a great way to get them interested in nature. Here are some fun animal-themed activities you could try.

Learning about animals is important because it helps children become more aware of the world around them and what lives in it. Another idea for this theme is to take your class outside and observe insects, birds, fish, and other animals.

They could then draw what they see or create their very own stories about what they have found outside. There are also plenty of books about animals that you can read to your preschoolers that they will enjoy and also learn from!

6. Nature Theme

Nature Theme

Another great theme for your preschool class is nature. There are so many beautiful places in nature that children can visit and explore, even if you just take your class outside the classroom!

There is so much to see all around us, so why not have your students point out everything they can see and whether they think it is a naturally occurring object. This is a great way to introduce the world to young children and the importance of nature and how it should be preserved in the future.

For this, you could even incorporate litter picking as a way of encouraging the children to look after the planet from a young age.

7. Bee Theme

In July, many bugs and insects are out and about including bees of course! With the bee population rapidly declining, this is a great opportunity to teach your students the importance of bees and how they help us and the world around us.

From pollinating plants to creating honey, there are many ways that these fuzzy creatures contribute to our wellbeing. Teaching your children how to ‘save bees’ is a great way for them to learn more about the insects as well as help with their empathy levels.

To help a bee all you need to do is mix water and sugar and leave it near enough to the bee so that it can drink. 

This will teach your preschoolers to care for others, and also not to be afraid of bees. 15 Exciting July Preschool Themes For Your Class. • Play a song on the piano. Ask your students what instruments they know. Then play each instrument along with the song.

8. Beach Theme


There are going to be plenty of beach days ahead this Summer, so why not theme your classroom about the sandy shores and salty seas? For this film, you could include teaching your students songs such as ‘She Sells Sea Shells’.

You could also very easily incorporate sensory play into this theme with sandpits and shall water dishes that your students can play in. 

Bring in buckets and plastic molds that the children can use in the sand and water to create castles and sand sculptures to help them express their creativity and making skills. Additionally, you could have a beach-themed craft where they make sandcastles drawings or sand art.

9. Camping Theme

Camping is one of those activities that everyone loves to do, especially when it’s hot outside! So why not bring some fun camping themes to life in your class? For example, you could have a pretend campfire and let your students ‘light the fire’.

Then with your class, you can sing campfire songs together and enjoy some s’mores around the fire. As well as this, you could have an outdoor picnic in the grassy area of your schoolyard and invite your students to sit down and eat lunch together.

This would allow for lots of social interaction and sharing. 

Additionally, if you’re planning on having a summer vacation then you could have a pretend trip to the woods and let your students dress up as animals and go out exploring.

10. Garden Theme

Garden Theme

Gardening is another activity that most people love to do, especially if it’s warm out. Why not bring some gardening themes to life in your classroom? For example, you can teach your students how to plant seeds and grow plants from seedlings.

This will help them to develop their knowledge of botany and science. Also, you could have a garden-themed craft where your students make flower pots and plant seeds. They could then take these home to nurture and care for until they sprout. 

In addition to this, you could also have a nature walk where you take your students outside and explore the local park and gardens.

11. Sports Theme

The Summer months are often filled with sporting events, which means there will be many opportunities to watch sports in your class. Why not bring some exciting sports themes to life in your room?

For example, you might want to teach your students about the different types of sports equipment and how they work. You could also introduce a sport-themed game where they have to guess what type of ball someone has.

Or perhaps you could have a sport-themed craft where they make something related to their favorite team or sport. 

Additionally, you could organize a sports day at your school and invite other classes to come along and join in the fun.

12. Space Theme

Space Theme

Space is always a popular subject to learn about at school. There are loads of space-themed books available to read, which makes it easy to find ideas for your own lesson plans.

However, you don’t need to stick to just reading books about space; you could also get creative by bringing in space-themed props and games. For example, you could set up a fake rocket ship station and ask your students to ‘explore outer space’ and describe the planets and stars they can see.

You could also have a space-themed craft where they design their rocket ships and launch them off.

13. Ocean Theme

Another great topic to study during the summer months is the ocean. If you’re lucky enough to live near the sea, you’ll know that the weather is usually perfect for swimming. Therefore, why not bring some ocean themes to life in your preschool classroom?

For example, if you’re teaching your students about fish, you could have a fish tank and encourage your students to feed the fish. You could even have a fish-themed craft where they make a model of a fish using pipe cleaners.

Again, there are many books that you can read to your classroom to help them understand what lives in the ocean!

14. Cooking Theme

Cooking Theme

Cooking is another great theme to explore during the summer months. Not only does cooking provide children with healthy food, but it teaches them important skills such as patience and concentration. It’s also a great way to spend time outdoors with family and friends.

So, why not use this theme to inspire your kids to cook? For example, you could create a recipe book where your students write down their favorite recipes. Then, you could choose one recipe each week and allow them to prepare it.

Alternatively, you could let them play a cooking game where they try to complete a certain task before the timer runs out.

15. Pets Theme

Pets are very popular among young children. In fact, according to research, around 80% of parents believe pets improve health and well-being. This is because pets offer children a sense of security and companionship. So, why not bring some pet-themed activities into your preschool classroom?

For instance, you could start a pet care unit where your students take turns looking after a particular animal. They could then share their experiences through writing, art, and other forms of expression.

Another idea would be to invite local rescue centers to visit your classroom so that your students can meet real animals.

Final Thoughts

The summer holidays are here, which means it’s time to enjoy all the wonderful things that the warmer weather brings. Whether you’re planning on spending your days outside or inside playing, these 15 exciting preschool themes should keep your little ones entertained.

As an added bonus, they will also be learning new things along the way too.

The above list isn’t exhaustive – there are plenty more topics you could cover in your preschool classroom throughout the summer months. But these fifteen themes should give you a good starting point from which to develop your own ideas.

Remember: when planning your lessons, keep things simple. Don’t overcomplicate things or go overboard with too much information. Instead, focus on providing your students with an enjoyable learning experience.

And remember: fun doesn’t mean forgetting academic standards. The fun will ensure that your students retain all the knowledge they learn throughout the year.

So, what do you think? Do any of these 15 exciting preschool themes sound like something you’d want to teach your class?