Are you looking for some fun activities for your child’s preschool class? Well, look no further because we have found 15 amazing ideas that will surely excite them. 

Preschoolers are always eager to explore new things, and they love learning new skills. If you want to give them something extra special, these activities will definitely get their attention. 

Preschoolers are very curious, and they love exploring exciting new things. They also love being outdoors and playing around. These activities will provide them with lots of opportunities to learn about the beach and underwater life. 

1. Ocean In A Bottle 

Ocean In A Bottle 

This activity is a great way to introduce your kids to the ocean. It’s an easy-to-make craft project that requires only a few materials. You can use any kind of bottle that you find in your house or even if you don’t have one, you can use a mason jar or an old bowl.

Once the bottle is ready, you can fill it with water and other beach-themed accessories, such as sand, shells, and toy fish. This activity is perfect for small children who are just starting to explore the world outside. 

2. Ocean Sensory Tray 

Sensory trays are great for toddlers and preschoolers since they help develop fine motor skills. With this tray, you can make sure that your little ones enjoy this activity while having fun at the same time. All you need to do is place frozen rice in a large tray and then add different items like sand, seashells, and toys.

Then, you can let your kids play with all of those items without getting too messy. This sensory tray is also a great way to teach your children about the ocean. By adding objects from the ocean into the tray, you can show them how everything on Earth has its own unique characteristics. 

3. Ocean In An Egg Carton 

Ocean In An Egg Carton 

If you’re looking for another creative idea to teach preschoolers about the ocean, then this is what you should try! All you need to do to create this activity is to take an egg carton and paint the inside blue. Once you have done this, you can add seashells, gemstones, and paper fish.

Afterward, you can cut out a hole in each side of the carton so that your children can see the ocean through the holes. 

4. Seashell Sand Art 

Sand art is a wonderful activity for preschoolers. To make this activity, you’ll need two cups of sand, a bucket, and a spoon. Mix the two cups of sand together until they form a smooth paste.

Then, pour the mixture into the bucket and mix well. Afterward, scoop up the sand using the spoon and place it onto a piece of paper. When you’re done, you can put the sand art somewhere where your kids can admire it. 

5. Watercolor Painting Of A Sea Turtle 

Watercolor Painting Of A Sea Turtle 

Watercolors are a great medium to express yourself creatively. So, why not use them to draw a beautiful picture of a turtle? This activity is ideal for young children who still have trouble drawing.

You can start by painting the background first and then focus on the details of the turtle’s body. Finally, you can finish off the coloring process by adding some more colors to the turtle’s shell. 

6. Sensory Writing Tray With Sand 

Preschoolers are always fascinated by writing and numbers. If you want to encourage their interest in these subjects, then you should give them a chance to experience something related to them. One way to do this would be to prepare a sensory tray full of items that will allow them to write and count.

All you need to get started is to take a plastic container and cover the bottom part of it with sand. Then, you can add various objects that can be used to write and count. Some examples include seashells, stones, and pieces of wood. 

7. Treasure Chest 

Treasure Chest 

Treasure chests are one of the most popular activities among preschoolers. To make a treasure chest, you’ll need a box, some tape, scissors, and glue. First, you’ll need to measure the size of the box and then cut the sides of the box.

Next, you’ll need to apply some tape around the edges of the box. Then, you can decorate the box with stickers or drawings. Finally, you can fill the box with interesting things such as gems, coins, and shells. 

8. Ocean Bubble Wrap Printing 

Bubble wrap printing is a fun activity for preschoolers. It helps them learn about shapes, patterns, and colors. To make this activity work, you’ll need bubble wrap, markers, and a table. Start by cutting the bubble wrap into small squares.

Then, you can color the bubbles with markers. Afterward, you’ll need to arrange the colored bubbles on the table according to different patterns. You can also use the same technique to print other designs. 

9. Ocean Sensory Tub 

Ocean Sensory Tub 

Ocean tubs are perfect for teaching preschoolers about the oceans. To make this activity happen, all you need is a clear glass bowl filled with water beads. Add various sea-themed accessories like shells, cut-out fish, and seaweed.

Put the accessories inside the bowl so that your kids can enjoy playing with them. The tub will teach your children about the ocean while also developing their fine motor skills. 

10. Make A Mini Beach 

A mini beach is an easy project to help your child understand what beaches look like. To create this activity, you’ll only need a plastic container, sand, and water. Fill the container with sand and then pour water over it.

Once you have done this, you can form the sand into a sloping bank and add more water to create the sea. You can also add a few rocks to make the shoreline appear more realistic.

For the best results, we recommend adding shells and other beach-themed accessories, whether that be mini sandcastles or Lego beach goers.

11. Mermaid Story Box 

Mermaid Story Box 

Mermaids are magical creatures who live underwater. They love to sing songs and dance. To celebrate this fact, you can make a story box for your little mermaid. To start off, you’ll need a cardboard box, glitter glue, a paintbrush, and a pair of scissors.

Cut out two circles from paper and glue them onto the box. Paint the outside of the box and let it dry. Glue the circles together using glitter glue. Now, you can draw the mermaid’s face on top of the glued circle.

You can even draw her tail and fins. When you’re finished, you can cut out a hole in the middle of the box where she can swim through. 

12. Seashell Playdough 

Playdough is a great way for preschoolers to explore their creativity. In order to make playdough, you’ll need flour, salt, oil, food coloring, and water. Mix the ingredients together until they become a doughy consistency.

When the playdough is ready, you can use it to create detailed molds of seashells, seahorses, crabs, octopuses, and other marine animals. This playdough is suitable for a range of ages, as it contains no harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. 

13. Alphabet Fishing Game 

Alphabet Fishing Game 

Fishing games are always popular among young children. If you want to introduce your children to fishing, then you should try making it an educational affair. To create this alphabet fishing game, all you need is a plastic container, ping pong balls, a marker pen, and a small net.

Just fill the container with water and then write letters on the ping pong balls before adding them to the liquid. Once you have done this, your child can fish out the balls using their net, which will teach them about letters and how to spell new words. 

14. Symmetrical Seashell Game 

Seashells are one of the most beautiful things in nature. It’s important for children to learn about these beautiful objects because they are often used in art projects. To teach your child about symmetry, you can make a symmetrical seashell game.

All you need is a piece of paper, some seashells, and tape. Split the paper down the middle using the tape, and then lay out the shells on either side. Ask your children to find the shells that look the same, so that they can make their own symmetrical patterns. 

15. Magnetic Counting Fish Game 

Magnetic Counting Fish Game 

Counting is a skill that many children struggle with during early childhood. However, if you want to encourage your child to count, you can make a magnetic counting fish game. To do this, you’ll first need a large sheet of craft paper, a magnet, some string, metal pins, and a rod.

First, cut the paper into fish, and then place a metal pin through their heads. Next, attach a magnet to the string and attach it to the makeshift fishing rod. When you’re done, ask your child to catch the fish by pulling on the string. As soon as they do this, they will be able to count up to 10. 


These 15 exciting preschool beach themes for your class are sure to get your students excited about learning!

There are plenty of ways to incorporate ocean-related activities into your classroom. Whether you enjoy crafting, painting, or playing board games, there is something for everyone!