Get Ready for a Preschool Pirate Theme, Me Hearties!

15 Fun Pirate Activities Preschool Kids Will Love!

Pirates are the coolest kids in the world.

They’re fearless and they have an endless supply of cool pirate gadgets and weapons that make them even more awesome than regular kids.

So when you think about it, what is there to do with pirates?

Well, let me tell you…there are tons of fun things you can do with your little ones that will help them to become a true pirate at heart. Here are 15 great activities that preschoolers will love:

Have A Pirate Party!

What better way to have fun pirate style than having a pirate themed party! You can use pirate-themed decorations like treasure chests, swords, flags, etc.

The best part about this activity is that it’s easy to set up and you don’t need much space.

All you really need is some paper plates, cups, napkins, and maybe some plastic cutlery.

You can also get creative by making your own invitations and decorating them with pirate themes. And include the other crafts you’ve made in this list!

Walk the Plank!

Here’s a simple gross motor activity that’s easy to put together! Balance a beam across two tubs and walk the plank!

Pirate Sensory Bin

Add some coins, jewels, and pirate pieces to a tub of beans for some sensory fun.


Make A Treasure Map

This activity is perfect for children. It requires some creativity but it’s worth every minute of work. You’ll need a piece of paper and pencil.

Draw a map on the paper showing where all the treasure chests are located. Then cut out each chest so that it looks like a real treasure chest.

Now, place the pieces of paper around the room and hide behind furniture. When a child finds a treasure chest, he or she has to open it up and take something out.

If he or she gets caught by another kid, then that person takes his or her turn. The first person who opens all the treasure chests wins.

More treasure maps by kids

Build A Pirate Ship

This activity is easy enough for young kids to build themselves. All you need is a large sheet of cardboard (or any other sturdy material), scissors, tape and glue.

First, draw a ship shape on the cardboard. Next, cut out the sides and bottom of the ship. Glue the side pieces together and then add the bottom piece. Cut out a few holes for windows and doors.

Finally, decorate the outside of the ship with colorful stickers or paint. The children can use this as a playhouse or just enjoy playing inside it.

Make a Pirate Hat


Make Pirate Theme Crafts




Play Pirate Games

The best thing about playing games is that it helps develop skills such as memory, concentration and problem-solving.

There are many different types of games you can play. Some of these include:

Memory Game: This game involves remembering certain items and placing them back into their correct spots.

For example, if you were playing “Where’s Waldo?” you would remember which picture had Waldo hidden under it. But you can make it pirate themed for this occasion!

Number Memory Game: In this game, you must match numbers to pictures. For instance, if you were playing Hangman, you would match letters to pictures until you guessed the word.

Word Search Game: In this game you look through a bunch of words and find the ones that contain the same letter or sound.

For example, if a child was looking for the word ‘pirate’ they could look through the dictionary and find the word ‘parrot’ because both start with the letter P.

Make A Pirate Eye Patch

You don’t have to be a pirate to wear an eye patch. However, being a pirate sure makes it easier! To create a pirate eye patch, simply cut out two circles from a piece of fabric.

Make sure that the circles are big enough to cover your eyes completely. Tape the circles onto your face and put on a hat. Your children will now be able to see only through the eye patches.

Make A Pirate Flag

If you want your children to feel like true pirates, make them a flag. Start off by cutting out a circle from the red felt. Next, cut out a triangle in the middle of the circle.

Attach the triangle to the center of the circle using double-sided tape. Use black thread to sew the edges of the triangle to the edge of the circle.

Finally, attach a wooden stick to the end of the flagpole. Your children can wave their flags proudly at your very own pirate themed party!

Make A Pirate Costume

If you want to dress up your little ones as pirates, here’s how you do it. First, buy several pairs of pants and shirts. Then, cut out a triangular piece of cloth and sew it to the front of the shirt.

Sew a belt around the waistline of the pants. Lastly, attach a bandana around the head.

Your child can complete the costume by adding a cap, boots and a sword or any other accessories you can think of!

Ocean SlimeOcean Slime

This slime recipe is perfect for children who love ocean activities. You will need: 1 cup baking soda, 2 cups cornstarch, ¼ cup salt, 4 cups water, food coloring, a plastic container and a spoon.

Mix all ingredients except the colorings together in a bowl. Add the colorings slowly while stirring constantly.

Once the mixture has thickened, pour it into the container and let it set overnight.

The next day, remove the slime from the container and allow it to dry. Cut small pieces of the slime and place them on a plate. Store any leftovers in the refrigerator.

Toilet Roll Pirate Craft




Toilet Roll Telescope

Another activity you can do with only the card from a roll of toilet paper, Simply allow the kids to decorate the tube of card however they like.

They can add gems, color in the telescope however they like, or even draw patterns. When the project is completed let the kids spot something interesting outside.

Want to make it fancier? Try this!

Pirate Hook Toss Game

Hook toss games are great for preschoolers who love to play pirates. All you need to make this game is a bucket full of hooks, a rope and a few buckets.

Simply tie a rope to the bottom of the bucket and then fill it with the hooks. Have your child stand on the rope and throw the hook over his or her shoulder.

When the hook lands in the bucket, he or she gets to keep playing. This activity is best played outside because there is no way to prevent the hooks from flying away if the game is indoors.

Wooden Spoon Pirates

With the help of a child’s imagination wooden spoons can very easily be turned into the pirate of their dreams with whatever decorations they desire!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Paint the handle black and then cover it with red stripes.
  • Glue a picture of a parrot onto one side of the handle.
  • Cover the handle with white tape and write “Arrrr!” on it.
  • Use a permanent marker to draw a mustache on the handle.
  • Draw a face on the handle using a Sharpie pen.
  • Write a name on the handle using a permanent marker.
  • Glue jewels to the end of the handle.

Message In A Bottle 

A message in a bottle is a fun activity for kids who love pirates. You will need: a large glass jar, a rubber band, a pen or pencil, a string, and a note.

First, allow the kids to write a short message on a piece of paper. Next, wrap the paper around the neck of the jar.

Wrap the rubber band around the jar several times to secure the paper to the lid. Write the name of the person who will receive the message in the bottle on the side of the jar.

Then you can place them in water and let the kids reach and grab the bottle with their name on!

The Feely Treasure Chest

For this last one, cover a treasure chest in a blanket and place whatever items you like inside the chest, and allow the kids to take turns exploring what’s inside.

You could use an eye patch or a telescope that you made from an idea up above, or maybe even the ocean slime to get some hilarious reactions!

The more things that are inside, the better!


Pirates are always a favorite among young children, so we hope that our list has inspired you to get creative with your own pirate themed party ideas.

Remember to include lots of interactive games and crafts to keep the kids entertained while having fun at the same time!

The more creative the better!