Water is one of a child’s favorite forms of playtime. It allows them to explore their creativity and imagination, while also having fun with the water toys they can use for this purpose.

Best Water Toys For Toddlers

Water toys are great because children love to splash around with them, as well as learn how to swim. There are many different types of water toys that you can buy for your toddler or baby.

They range from simple plastic buckets filled with water to more complex inflatable pools. Some are designed specifically for toddlers, while others will be suitable for babies too.

The type of toy you choose depends on what age group your little ones fall into.

If you have an infant then you’ll want something safe and easy to clean, as well as something that will keep them engaged and entertained whilst they are playing in the water.

And that’s one of the main issues that you’ll find when looking for the right water toy: there are so many high-quality toys out there for your toddler, that it’s hard to narrow down to just one, or even a few.

So, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites, as well as some extra factors that you’ll want to keep in mind whilst you are searching.

We hope that you enjoy reading about these toys as much as we enjoyed writing about them!

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark playset is designed to encourage children to explore and discover. It has many interactive features that are sure to keep little ones entertained for hours.

The set includes a spiraling lazy river, a fountain, a waterfall, a tipping bucket, a ball launcher, a cup dispenser, a funnel, and a spinner.

The lazy river is filled with water from a reservoir that holds seven gallons of water. As the water level drops, it triggers the lazy river to start spinning. The lazy river is powered by two water wheels that spin when the spinner is turned.

To fill the cup, simply pull out the lever and let the water flow into the funnel. To pour the water into the funnel, push the lever back in. When the cup is full, press the button to release the water.

The cup can also be used to shoot balls into the air. The cup can hold three balls. A character ball can also be used to throw balls into the air.

There are four characters available: a penguin, a dolphin, a turtle, and an elephant. Each character comes with accessories such as hats, sunglasses, and shoes.

The cups come in different colors so kids can choose which character they want to use.


  • This toy has plenty of features and knick-knacks for your kids to play with.
  • Helps develop your toddler’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination


  • With so many moving parts, this toy is quite tricky to assemble and maintain.

Also Available From: Walmart

Rainbow Inflatable Play Center

Summertime is here! And with the hot weather comes the need to find some way to entertain your children. With the Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatables Play Center, you can do just that while keeping your family cool.

With its bright colors and multiple activities, the Rainbow Inflatable Play Center will keep kids entertained and happy all day long.

Kids will love splashing around in the wading pool while playing with the included ball toss game and ball roller game.

And if they are feeling adventurous, they can jump into the main pool and use the included water sprayer to cool off.

The Rainbow Inflatable Play Center comes with everything you need to set up and start playing right out of the box. It includes a landing pad, drain plug, and repair patch.

If you want to keep your children safe when they are playing outside, this inflatable play center has a maximum weight limit of 178lbs. It is recommended for ages 2 years old and up.

This pool is made out of PVC material and is very durable. It has a drain plug and a repair patch included. Your child will love being able to play outside all day in the pool.

If you want something that your child can use all season long, then this is the perfect option.


  • The perfect way to cool off in the summer sun!
  • Both inflating and draining are very simple, and attaching extras and garden hose water is easy once assembled.


  • Assembling this water toy, while simple in theory, can take a long time, and requires a good amount of knowledge of this product.

Also Available From: Walmart

SplashEZ 3-In-1 Splash Pad

For years, SplashEZ has been creating fun and educational water toys for young kids. Now, we’re bringing the same high standards of quality and safety to the world of education.

With SplashEZ Learning Mat, you can now create a splash of learning in your backyard. It’s a great way to keep your kid engaged and stimulated while they learn.

With SplashEZ Learning Mat for Kids, you can give your child the gift of learning without having to worry about safety.

The Learning Mat is made of durable PVC and features a soft foam bottom that keeps your child safe when playing in the water.

Your child will love spending time in the pool with friends and family. With its unique design, it provides an ideal surface for swimming and diving.

You can even use it for practicing different strokes, such as front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, etc.

The Learning Mat is suitable for children aged 1 to 5 years old. It measures 20 inches long x 14 inches wide x 4 inches deep. It weighs just 7 pounds.


  • This inflatable mat comes in a variety of options and colors, from animals to balloons, to maps of all kinds.
  • The mat helps children learn all sorts of interesting facts and helps them recognize shapes and objects, a great feature for their developing minds


  • The water spouts may start leaking without proper maintenance.

Also Available From: Walmart

Little Tikes 2-In-1 Splash Hit Tennis

Little Tikes’ Splash Hit Tennis is a great way to teach your child how to play tennis while having tons of fun! The Splash Hit Tennis comes with three colorful balls that are designed to look like real tennis balls.

These balls come out when you press down on the pedal, which then launches them into the air. Your child can then hit these balls back and forth using a tennis racket.

It’s a great way to introduce your child to the sport of tennis without spending too much money.

Plus, this product is very durable, and it’s easy to assemble. You simply attach the funnel to the end of your garden hose, connect the hose to the base, and plug in the power cord.

Then, your child can start playing right away! If they miss hitting the ball, they can just pull the trigger again to send another ball flying into the air.

In addition, the Splash Hit Tennis comes with a set of tennis rackets, so your child can practice his/her serve and return shots. This product is a great gift idea for kids who love to play games outdoors.

They’ll enjoy practicing their tennis skills while having lots of fun.


  • Has multiple modes for your kids to play with.
  • Helps your child develop their hand-eye coordination skills.
  • The funnel attachment to this product helps catch balls that your toddler misses.
  • This toy needs very little assembly to get started too!


  •  This product uses a surprisingly large amount of water.
  • The balls for this toy can get lost quite easily.

Also Available From: Walmart

Busy Ball Play Table

Step2 has been offering children’s toys since 2004 and is committed to providing high-quality products that are safe and durable.

The Step2 Busy Ball Play Table is just one of the ways that this toy company provides a great way for children to enjoy playing outside, while still having some fun inside.

It has a unique design that makes it easy for kids to move around and play with the balls.

The Step2 play table comes with 10 balls in various bright colors and a scoop that kids can use to pick up the balls and send them rolling down the path.

Kids can also place the balls in the center spinner to spin them around and send them flying off in all directions. When playtime is done, kids can simply remove the balls from the basin by lifting out the lid and draining the water.

With its unique design, the Step2 play table is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can be used with or without water.


  • This toy can be used both inside and outside!
  • The product comes with 10 spare balls as standard.
  • The central water sprinkler adds a fun feature that helps keep kids cool in the summer.


  •  Assembling this water table can be quite frustrating.

Also Available From: Walmart

Melissa & Doug Pretty Petals Sprinkler

Pretty Petals Sprinkler is a cute and functional sprinkler that encourages children to play outdoors and develop motor skills.

They feature bright colors and playful designs so kids can pretend to grow flowers and water them.

Kids love watering plants, and Pretty Petals Sprinklers allow them to do just that.

The Pretty Petals Sprinkles are easy to attach to a hose and come with a handy carrying case. With 12 petals per flower, there are plenty of ways for kids to enjoy the outdoors while learning about nature.


  • This toy is a great way to keep kids active in the hot summer months.
  • This is great to help develop your toddler’s motor skills.


  • As with many other water sprinkler toys, this product uses up quite a lot of water.

Also Available From: Walmart

Grub Scouts Kid’s Sprinkler

For another excellent sprinkler toy, we have Melissa & Doug’s Sunny patch Grub Scouts sprinkler!

Since the company’s inception in 1987, Melissa & Doug has been dedicated to providing high-quality, imaginative toys that promote learning and exploration.

Their products are made from sustainable materials and manufactured under safe conditions.

Every kid loves playing in the rain, splashing around in puddles, and having fun outdoors. But it can be hard to keep kids safe while enjoying these outdoor activities.

With the Grub Scout Sprinkler, kids can enjoy this sort of activity in a safe and monitored environment.

Kids can splash around in puddles and play in the grass without getting soaked. The Grub Scout Sprinklers are designed to withstand heavy rains and are made from high-quality materials.

They come complete with a sturdy metal frame, a plastic base, and colorful patch friends. Each set includes two sprinklers, a garden hose, and a carrying bag.

All Melissa & Doug products are tested to meet strict safety standards and undergo rigorous quality assurance procedures before being released to the market.

Each toy is carefully crafted to ensure that it meets the highest possible standards of excellence.


  • The design of this sprinkler helps keep kids engaged as they run around the garden!
  • This is a fun way to get your young children to stay active, as well as practice key motor skills that they will use in their lives.


  • The height that these water sprinklers achieve barely reaches 2 feet tall.

Also Available From: Walmart

Buyer’s Guide

Of course, there are hundreds of other toys out there that we cannot cover in the space of just one guide.

So, if you feel that none of these toys are what you have in mind for your toddler, here are a few other factors that you should keep in mind when looking for a water toy for your young children.

Type Of Toy

As you can see, from the selection that we have in this buyer’s guide, several broad groups encompass most water toys for toddlers. These include:

Water Sprinklers

These are probably some of the most popular types of water toys. Most of them have rotating heads which allow water to flow out in all directions at once. This means that you don’t need to aim the sprayer in any particular direction.

And since the water comes out in all directions, it doesn’t matter where your child plays in the garden or yard.

It is worth remembering that these toys will likely use up a lot of water. It may take quite a bit of time to fill up their reservoirs. However, many parents find that these toys encourage kids to play outside more often, so they’re worth the water waste and effort.

Beach & Bath Toys

If you want to allow your little ones to spend some time in the bathtub, then a beach or bath toy is perfect for you. Some of these toys even feature built-in jets so that your kids can really let loose and splash around.

Others have wheels that make them easy to move around. You can also use these toys indoors by putting them in a tub of warm water.

Water Tables

Another popular toy that uses water is a table with a hole in the middle. Your kids can pour water into the center of the table and watch as it spreads outwards.

You can use these tables indoors too. Simply put a bucket underneath the table and fill it up with water. Then, sit back and relax as your kids play with the cool liquid.

Wading Pools

While not technically water toys, wading pools are great to help kids learn how to swim and get used to larger bodies of water. Many schools now require that children be taught basic swimming techniques before they start school.

Many wading pools will also come with plenty of extras, such as sprinkler features and slides.

Safety Features

Safety should, of course, always be a number one priority for any toy that you buy for your kids. If you’re worried about drowning, then you’ll want to look for toys that have safety features like alarms, floatation devices, and automatic shut-offs.

Make sure that you are supervising your kids whilst they are playing with water toys. Whilst it is incredibly fun for them, water can just as easily turn into a hazard if the proper safety instructions aren’t taken into account.

Many outdoor toys will also mean that your kids spend a lot of time out under the open summer sun, which can come with health and safety issues.

Make sure that your kids are wearing sunscreen and that their skin is properly protected from the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Water Tables Good Toys For Your Toddlers?

The main reason why water tables are good toys for toddlers is that they provide lots of fun, especially when you add in the other accessories that come with them.

For example, you can put a small pool inside of the table. The kids can then interact with the water with next to no fear of them swallowing too much water and drowning.

Or, if your kids love animals, you could add a few plastic fish and turtles to them. Water tables are designed to be multi-faceted, after all!

What Types Of Water Toys Can I Use Indoors?

Whilst most of the toys we have discussed are meant for outdoor use only, there are actually a few different types of indoor water toys that your kids can play with.

Bathroom water toys are an obvious choice, but you can use water tables indoors too. 

How To Choose A Safe Toy For Your Kids?

When choosing a safe toy for your kids, you need to think carefully about whether or not it is suitable for the age of your child. It is important to remember that some toys are better suited to older children than others.

If you are looking at buying a toy for your toddler, then you should make sure that it has been tested by the relevant authorities to ensure that it is safe.


Water toys are ideal toys for toddlers. They are easy to set up and take down, and they are extremely versatile. Plus, many of them are perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.

So, what do you think? Which of these water toys would you choose for your kids? Let us know down below!