Make heart crafts and Valentine activities for kids! These are great February craft ideas for kids with gross motor and fine motor activities.

10 Valentine Activities for Kids

Valentine activities are so much more fun with preschoolers. Their hearts seem to be so big and they love showing how much they care. Try these fun Valentine activities for kids this year! 10 Valentine Activities for Kids I absolutely adore Valentine’s day with kids! There is so much learning and love in February. AND […] Read more…

Plan dental health month activities! These are great for brushing teeth lessons for preschoolers and fine motor tooth themed work.

10 Activities for Dental Health Month

Dental health is one of the most important lessons we can teach our preschoolers. They will use these skills their entire life to keep their teeth and body in wonderful shape. Check out these fun learning activities for dental health month! 10 Activities for Dental Health Month Brush your teeth! Every preschoolers will eventually ask […] Read more…

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