We’ve got a word list to help build vocabulary this season with Christmas words that start with A! With simple descriptions and example sentences, this list is suitable for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.

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Christmas Words That Start With A

1. Angel

Description: An angel is a kind and lovely being that we often see in Christmas stories. They have wings and bring messages of joy and peace.

Example Sentence: “Look at the angel on top of our Christmas tree, shining so bright!”

2. Advent

Description: Advent is the exciting time before Christmas when we count the days until Santa comes. We can use a special calendar with little doors to count each day.

Example Sentence: “We open a new door on our Advent calendar every day until Christmas!”

3. Antlers

Description: Antlers are the big, branch-like horns on reindeer. Santa’s reindeer have antlers and they look very special.

Example Sentence: “Rudolph, Santa’s reindeer, has big antlers and a shiny red nose.”

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4. Aurora

Description: Aurora is a beautiful light show in the sky, like magic lights dancing. It’s very special and happens in places where it’s very cold.

Example Sentence: “In winter, the Aurora makes the sky look like it’s dancing with colors.”

5. Artificial Tree

Description: An artificial tree is a pretend tree that we use for Christmas. It’s not a real tree, but we can decorate it with lots of pretty things.

Example Sentence: “We put our artificial tree in the corner and hung lots of sparkly ornaments on it.”

6. Aisle

Description: An aisle is a path between rows of seats, like in a church or a big room. We walk down the aisle when we sing Christmas songs together.

Example Sentence: “We walked down the aisle singing ‘Jingle Bells’ in our Christmas show.”

7. Admire

Description: To admire is to look at something and feel very happy and amazed by how beautiful it is, like Christmas lights or a decorated tree.

Example Sentence: “We admire the twinkly lights on the houses in our neighborhood.”

8. Assembly

Description: An assembly is when we all gather together in one big room to sing songs, listen to stories, or watch a play, especially during Christmas.

Example Sentence: “We had a fun assembly where we sang Christmas songs with everyone.”

9. Aroma

Description: Aroma means a yummy smell, like cookies baking or a pine tree. Christmas has many nice aromas that make us feel cozy.

Example Sentence: “The aroma of hot chocolate made the room smell yummy.”

10. Anticipation

Description: Anticipation is feeling excited about something that’s going to happen, like waiting for Christmas morning to open presents.

Example Sentence: “We feel lots of anticipation waiting for Santa to come!”

11. Arctic

Description: The Arctic is a very cold place at the top of the Earth, like the home of Santa Claus! It’s snowy and has lots of ice.

Example Sentence: “Santa’s home is in the Arctic, where it’s snowy and white.”

12. Amazement

Description: Amazement is when you feel very surprised and happy about something wonderful, like seeing a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Example Sentence: “The children’s faces were full of amazement when they saw Santa Claus.”

13. Appreciate

Description: To appreciate means to be thankful for something nice, like a Christmas gift or a hug from a friend.

Example Sentence: “We appreciate the lovely Christmas cards we get from our friends.”

14. Aglow

Description: Aglow means shining softly and looking very pretty, like Christmas lights in the night.

Example Sentence: “The Christmas tree was aglow with lots of little twinkling lights.”

15. Adorn

Description: To adorn means to make something look even more beautiful by adding decorations, like putting ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Example Sentence: “We adorn our classroom with paper snowflakes and sparkly tinsel.”

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