We’ve got a word list to help build vocabulary this season with Christmas words that start with B! With simple descriptions and example sentences, this list is suitable for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.

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Christmas Words That Start With B

1. Bell

Description: Bells are small metallic instruments that make a ringing sound. During Christmas, they are often used as decorations and in songs.
Example Sentence: “We heard the jingle of the Christmas bell from the sleigh.”

2. Bethlehem

Description: Bethlehem is a special city where, according to the Christmas story, Jesus was born.
Example Sentence: “In the story of Christmas, Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem.”

3. Baubles

Description: Baubles are shiny, round decorations that we hang on Christmas trees.
Example Sentence: “The Christmas tree was covered with red and green baubles.”

4. Bows

Description: Bows are made from ribbon and are used to decorate gifts and trees during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “Each Christmas gift had a big, red bow on top.”

5. Baking

Description: Baking is when you cook something in an oven, like cookies or cakes. At Christmas, many people bake special treats.
Example Sentence: “We spent the afternoon baking gingerbread cookies.”

6. Blizzard

Description: A blizzard is a big snowstorm with lots of wind and snow. It’s common in some places during the winter season.
Example Sentence: “We watched the snowflakes swirl in the blizzard outside.”

7. Bobsled

Description: A bobsled is a long, fast sled that slides on ice. Some people ride bobsleds for fun in the winter.
Example Sentence: “They raced down the hill in their red bobsled.”

8. Boxing Day

Description: Boxing Day is the day after Christmas, celebrated in some countries, where people often shop and visit family.
Example Sentence: “On Boxing Day, we visited our cousins and exchanged gifts.”

9. Bûche de Noël

Description: Bûche de Noël is a French Christmas cake shaped like a log. It’s also known as a Yule log.
Example Sentence: “The Bûche de Noël had frosting that looked like bark.”

10. Butterscotch

Description: A type of candy made from brown sugar and butter, popular in sweets and desserts during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “Grandma made a delicious butterscotch pie for our Christmas dessert.”

11. Baby

Description: A very young child. Baby Jesus is an important part of the Christmas story.
Example Sentence: “There was a baby in the manger on the first Christmas.”

12. Bag

Description: A container made of cloth or paper, used for carrying things. Santa Claus carries a big bag of gifts.
Example Sentence: “Santa’s bag was full of toys for everyone.”

13. Baker

Description: A person who makes bread, cakes, and cookies. Bakers are busy making treats at Christmas.
Example Sentence: “The baker made delicious Christmas cookies.”

14. Bake

Description: To cook food like bread or cookies in an oven.
Example Sentence: “We will bake a big pie for Christmas dinner.”

15. Band

Description: A group of musicians who play music together. Bands often play Christmas music during the holidays.
Example Sentence: “The band played our favorite Christmas carols.”

16. Bauble

Description: A shiny, round decoration for the Christmas tree.
Example Sentence: “We hung red and gold baubles on the tree.”

17. Bazaar

Description: A market or fair where people sell things, often for charity around Christmas.
Example Sentence: “We bought handmade ornaments at the Christmas bazaar.”

18. Beard

Description: The hair that grows on a man’s chin and cheeks. Santa Claus is known for his big, white beard.
Example Sentence: “Santa stroked his white beard and laughed.”

19. Beautiful

Description: Something that is very pretty or pleasing to look at.
Example Sentence: “The Christmas lights made the town look beautiful.”

20. Believe

Description: To think that something is true or real. Many children believe in Santa Claus.
Example Sentence: “I believe Santa will bring us gifts tonight.”

21. Beloved

Description: Someone who is very loved.
Example Sentence: “Our beloved family gathered around the Christmas tree.”

22. Benevolence

Description: Kindness and generosity, especially during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “The season of Christmas is filled with acts of benevolence.”

23. Bestow

Description: To give something as a gift or honor.
Example Sentence: “Santa bestows gifts to children around the world.”

24. Bible

Description: The holy book of Christians that tells the story of Jesus’ birth.
Example Sentence: “We read about the birth of Jesus in the Bible.”

25. Birth

Description: The beginning of life. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus.
Example Sentence: “Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ.”

26. Blessed

Description: Something that is holy or has God’s favor.
Example Sentence: “We felt blessed to be together on Christmas.”

27. Blissful

Description: Extremely happy; full of joy.
Example Sentence: “We had a blissful time opening presents.”

28. Blitzen

Description: One of Santa Claus’s reindeer.
Example Sentence: “Blitzen is one of the reindeer that pulls Santa’s sleigh.”

29. Boisterously

Description: In a loud, energetic, and cheerful way.
Example Sentence: “The children sang Christmas carols boisterously.”

30. Boots

Description: A type of shoe that covers your feet and part of your legs. Santa wears big, black boots.
Example Sentence: “We put our boots by the fireplace for Santa.”

31. Born

Description: To come into the world as a baby. Jesus was born on Christmas.
Example Sentence: “A special baby was born on Christmas Day.”

32. Bough

Description: A branch of a tree. People often decorate with pine boughs at Christmas.
Example Sentence: “We hung boughs of holly above the door.”

33. Bountiful

Description: Large in amount; plentiful.
Example Sentence: “We had a bountiful Christmas feast.”

34. Bright

Description: Shining with light; very colorful.
Example Sentence: “The bright star shone above the stable.”

35. Brilliant

Description: Very bright and radiant.
Example Sentence: “The Christmas tree lights were brilliant and dazzling.”

36. Briskly

Description: Quickly; with energy.
Example Sentence: “We walked briskly in the cold Christmas air.”

37. Brotherhood

Description: The feeling of friendship and support among people.
Example Sentence: “Christmas is a time to celebrate brotherhood and peace.”

38. Bustling

Description: Full of busy activity.
Example Sentence: “The kitchen was bustling as we prepared the Christmas meal.”

39. Busy

Description: Having a lot to do; not free.
Example Sentence: “The elves are busy making toys in Santa’s workshop.”

40. Buy

Description: To get something by paying money for it.
Example Sentence: “We went to buy a Christmas tree for our home.”

41. Bunting

Description: Decorative flags and streamers often used for parties and celebrations.
Example Sentence: “We hung red and green bunting around the classroom for Christmas.”

42. Ballad

Description: A slow, sentimental song that tells a story. Christmas ballads are often about the holiday season.
Example Sentence: “The choir sang a beautiful Christmas ballad at the concert.”

43. Biscuits

Description: Sweet baked treats, often enjoyed with milk or tea. Many families bake special Christmas biscuits.
Example Sentence: “We decorated the Christmas biscuits with icing and sprinkles.”

44. Blanket

Description: A large piece of warm cloth or wool that you use to keep warm. Blankets are cozy during the cold Christmas season.
Example Sentence: “We snuggled under a blanket to watch Christmas movies.”

45. Bridle

Description: The headgear used to control a horse, sometimes seen in Christmas parades.
Example Sentence: “The horses in the parade wore red and green bridles.”

46. Berry

Description: A small, round fruit, often red or green. Holly berries are a common Christmas decoration.
Example Sentence: “The holly wreath had bright red berries on it.”

47. Beneath

Description: Under something. Gifts are often placed beneath the Christmas tree.
Example Sentence: “We found our Christmas presents beneath the tree.”

48. Befana

Description: A character from Italian folklore, a kind witch who delivers gifts to children on Epiphany Eve, similar to Santa Claus.
Example Sentence: “La Befana brings gifts to Italian children in January.”

49. Brunch

Description: A meal that combines breakfast and lunch, often enjoyed on Christmas Day.
Example Sentence: “Our family had a delicious brunch with pancakes and eggs on Christmas morning.”

50. Brocade

Description: A rich fabric with raised patterns, often used in Christmas decorations and clothing.
Example Sentence: “The Christmas tablecloth was made of red and gold brocade.”

51. Bulbs

Description: Round, root-like parts of some plants, or the glass part of a light. Christmas lights are often called bulbs.
Example Sentence: “We replaced the burnt-out bulbs on our string of Christmas lights.”

52. Bundles

Description: Things tied or wrapped together. Gifts are often bundled in wrapping paper at Christmas.
Example Sentence: “We carried bundles of gifts to our neighbors.”

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