We’ve got a word list to help build vocabulary this season with Christmas words that start with L! With simple descriptions and example sentences, this list is suitable for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Christmas Words That Start With L


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Christmas Words That Start With L

1. Lights

Description: Lights are bright and colorful decorations that shine and twinkle. They are often seen on Christmas trees and houses during the holiday season.
Example Sentence: “Look at the beautiful lights on our Christmas tree, they’re sparkling like tiny stars!”

2. Love

Description: Love is a warm and happy feeling we share with family and friends, especially during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “Christmas is a time to show love by giving hugs and saying kind words.”

3. Laugh

Description: To laugh is to make a happy sound when something is funny or joyful. Christmas is a time with lots of laughter.
Example Sentence: “We laugh and have fun when we play in the snow.”

4. List

Description: A list is something you write to remember things. Santa Claus makes a list of children who have been good all year.
Example Sentence: “I made a list of gifts I want to give to my friends.”

5. Lantern

Description: A lantern is a type of light that can be carried around. It’s often used in Christmas decorations.
Example Sentence: “We saw a beautiful lantern at the Christmas market.”

6. Lollipop

Description: A lollipop is a sweet candy on a stick. Sometimes, they are shaped like Christmas symbols.
Example Sentence: “I got a red and white lollipop that looks like a candy cane!”

7. Log

Description: A log is a piece of wood. People burn logs in the fireplace to stay warm during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “We sat by the fireplace and watched the log burn on Christmas Eve.”

8. Legend

Description: A legend is a special story from a long time ago. There are many Christmas legends about Santa Claus and reindeer.
Example Sentence: “My teacher told us a legend about Santa’s magical reindeer.”

9. Lace

Description: Lace is a pretty, delicate fabric used to decorate things, including Christmas items.
Example Sentence: “We put lace around our Christmas tree for extra beauty.”

10. Lamb

Description: A lamb is a young sheep, often seen in nativity scenes during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “In the Christmas story, there was a little lamb in the stable with baby Jesus.”

11. Lightning

Description: Lightning is a bright flash in the sky, but during Christmas, it can refer to quick, twinkling lights.
Example Sentence: “The Christmas tree lights are blinking like lightning!”

12. Lullaby

Description: A lullaby is a soft, gentle song sung to help children fall asleep, often heard around Christmas.
Example Sentence: “Mom sings a lullaby about a silent, holy night during Christmas.”

13. Lanterns

Description: Lanterns are lights that can be carried around, often used in Christmas parades and decorations.
Example Sentence: “We carried bright lanterns in the Christmas parade through town.”

14. Lavender

Description: Lavender is a plant with a lovely smell, and its color is used in Christmas decorations for a peaceful feeling.
Example Sentence: “We made a Christmas wreath with lavender for a calming scent.”

15. Lively

Description: Lively means full of life and energy, just like the Christmas season.
Example Sentence: “The Christmas party was so lively with music and dancing.”

16. Locket

Description: A locket is a small necklace that opens up to hold a picture, often given as a Christmas gift.
Example Sentence: “Grandma gave me a locket with a photo inside for Christmas.”

17. Lumberjack

Description: A lumberjack is someone who cuts down trees, and they are often thought of during Christmas for cutting down Christmas trees.
Example Sentence: “The lumberjack brought us the perfect tree for our Christmas celebration.”

18. Lustrous

Description: Lustrous means shiny and bright, just like Christmas lights and decorations.
Example Sentence: “The lustrous ornaments made our Christmas tree shine brightly.”

19. Lyrics

Description: Lyrics are the words in a song, and Christmas songs have special lyrics that tell festive stories.
Example Sentence:
“We learned the lyrics to our favorite Christmas carols in class.”

20. Lap

Description: A lap is the top part of your legs when you sit down. During Christmas, children often sit on Santa’s lap to tell him their wishes.
Example Sentence: “I sat on Santa’s lap and told him I wanted a teddy bear for Christmas.”

21. Lavish

Description: Lavish means very fancy or having a lot of decorations. Christmas can be a time of lavish decorations.
Example Sentence: “Our Christmas tree was lavish with lots of shiny ornaments and ribbons.”

22. Letter

Description: A letter is a message you write to someone. Children write letters to Santa Claus at Christmas.
Example Sentence: “I wrote a letter to Santa to tell him what I wish for Christmas.”

23. Lords

Description: Lords are people who are in charge, like in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” which mentions ‘lords a-leaping.’
Example Sentence: “In our Christmas song, we sang about ten lords a-leaping.”

24. Luminaria

Description: Luminaria are small lanterns, often made with paper bags and candles, used as Christmas decorations.
Example Sentence: “We made luminaria and lined them up along the sidewalk for Christmas Eve.”

25. Luminous

Description: Luminous means something that gives off light or glows. Christmas lights are luminous.
Example Sentence: “The luminous stars on the Christmas tree glowed softly in the dark.”

26. Lump

Description: A lump is a small piece or chunk of something. In stories, a lump of coal is sometimes given as a joke at Christmas.
Example Sentence: “He joked that if I wasn’t good, I’d get a lump of coal for Christmas!”

27. Lanttulaatikko

Description: Lanttulaatikko is a Finnish Christmas dish made with rutabaga, a type of vegetable.
Example Sentence: “For our Christmas dinner, we tried Lanttulaatikko, and it was yummy!”

28. Laufabrau∂

Description: Laufabrau∂ is a traditional Icelandic Christmas cookie, known for its delicate, leaf-like pattern.
Example Sentence: “At the Christmas party, we ate Laufabrau∂ cookies that looked like snowflakes.”

29. Lebkuchen

Description: Lebkuchen is a German Christmas cookie, similar to gingerbread, often decorated with icing.
Example Sentence: “We decorated Lebkuchen cookies with icing and sprinkles.”

30. Leftovers

Description: Leftovers are the food that remains after a meal, often enjoyed after a big Christmas dinner.
Example Sentence: “We had turkey sandwiches made from Christmas dinner leftovers.”

31. Limpa

Description: Limpa is a Swedish rye bread, often flavored with spices like anise and eaten during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “For breakfast, we had Limpa bread with butter and jam.”

32. Linzer Torte

Description: Linzer Torte is an Austrian dessert, a tart made with a crumbly pastry and filled with jam, popular at Christmas.
Example Sentence: “Grandma baked a delicious Linzer Torte for our Christmas dessert.”

33. Little Drummer Boy

Description: “Little Drummer Boy” is a popular Christmas song about a boy who plays his drum for baby Jesus.
Example Sentence: “We learned to sing ‘Little Drummer Boy’ in our Christmas concert.”

34. Lore

Description: Lore means traditional stories or beliefs. Christmas has many lores, like those about Santa Claus and reindeer.
Example Sentence: “The Christmas lore says that Santa Claus travels the world in one night.”

35. Laden

Description: Laden means heavily loaded or weighed down, often used to describe Christmas trees full of decorations.
Example Sentence: “Our Christmas tree was laden with ornaments and tinsel.”

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