We’ve got a word list to help build vocabulary this season with Christmas words that start with M! With simple descriptions and example sentences, this list is suitable for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Christmas Words That Start With M

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Christmas Words That Start With M

1. Merry

Description: ‘Merry’ means happy and cheerful. During Christmas, we often wish each other a ‘Merry Christmas’ to share joy.
Example Sentence: “Let’s have a merry time decorating our Christmas tree!”

2. Mistletoe

Description: Mistletoe is a green plant with white, red, or pinkish berries that people hang up during Christmas. It’s a tradition to kiss someone under the mistletoe.
Example Sentence: “Look, there’s mistletoe above the door! Let’s give Mommy a kiss.”

3. Magi

Description: Magi, also known as the Three Wise Men, were the three kings who followed a star to visit baby Jesus and brought him gifts.
Example Sentence: “The Magi traveled a long way to see baby Jesus and brought him presents.”

4. Manger

Description: A manger is a wooden crib where baby Jesus slept. It’s often seen in Nativity scenes during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “In our Christmas play, baby Jesus is sleeping in a manger.”

5. Mittens

Description: Mittens are like gloves but have one part for the thumb and another part for all the other fingers. They keep our hands warm in winter.
Example Sentence: “Don’t forget to wear your mittens, it’s snowy outside!”

6. Music

Description: Christmas music includes songs and carols that are sung during the holiday season.
Example Sentence: “We love singing Christmas music in our classroom!”

7. Magic

Description: Magic is something wonderful and surprising, like the special feeling we get during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve is so magical!”

8. Mince Pie

Description: Mince pie is a small, sweet pie filled with fruits and spices, often eaten during Christmas in some countries.
Example Sentence: “Grandma baked delicious mince pies for our Christmas party.”

9. Merry-go-round

Description: A merry-go-round is a funfair ride with music and brightly colored horses that go round and round, often seen during Christmas festivals.
Example Sentence: “At the Christmas fair, we rode on the merry-go-round three times!”

10. Mittens

Description: Mittens are warm coverings for the hands, often worn in cold weather and associated with winter and Christmas.
Example Sentence: “I got a new pair of red mittens to wear for our Christmas carol night.”

11. Magnificent

Description: ‘Magnificent’ means something very beautiful and impressive. Christmas decorations often look magnificent.
Example Sentence: “The Christmas tree looks magnificent with all the lights and ornaments.”

12. Mail

Description: Mail is the letters and cards that we send and receive. During Christmas, we send cards to wish others a happy holiday.
Example Sentence: “We are sending Christmas cards in the mail to our family.”

13. Mantel

Description: A mantel is a shelf above a fireplace where people often hang Christmas stockings.
Example Sentence: “We hung our stockings on the mantel for Santa to fill.”

14. Mary

Description: Mary is a very important person in the Christmas story; she is the mother of Jesus.
Example Sentence: “In our Nativity play, I am going to be Mary.”

15. Meal

Description: A meal is the food we eat, and during Christmas, we often have a special meal with our family.
Example Sentence: “We’re having a big Christmas meal with turkey and lots of yummy food.”

16. Melody

Description: A melody is a series of musical notes that sound nice together. Christmas carols have beautiful melodies.
Example Sentence: “I love the melody of ‘Jingle Bells’.”

17. Memories

Description: Memories are things we remember. Christmas time creates lots of happy memories.
Example Sentence: “Making cookies with grandma is one of my favorite Christmas memories.”

18. Mercy

Description: Mercy means being kind and forgiving. During Christmas, we think about showing mercy to others.
Example Sentence: “Christmas is a time to show mercy and kindness to everyone.”

19. Message

Description: A message is an important idea or feeling we share. Christmas messages are often about love and peace.
Example Sentence: “The Christmas card had a beautiful message of peace and joy.”

20. Midnight

Description: Midnight is the middle of the night. On Christmas Eve, some people go to church at midnight.
Example Sentence: “We stayed up until midnight on Christmas Eve to hear the bells ring.”

21. Milk

Description: Milk is a white drink. Children often leave out milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.
Example Sentence: “We left a glass of milk and cookies for Santa by the fireplace.”

22. Miracle

Description: A miracle is something wonderful that is surprising and hard to believe. Christmas is a time when we talk about miracles.
Example Sentence: “The story of the first Christmas is a story about a miracle.”

23. Myrrh

Description: Myrrh is a special perfume that the Wise Men brought as a gift for baby Jesus.
Example Sentence: “One of the gifts to baby Jesus from the Wise Men was myrrh.”

24. Myth

Description: A myth is a story that many people believe but is not true. Some Christmas stories are myths.
Example Sentence: “The story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a popular Christmas myth.”

25. March

Description: March is to walk in a formal way. In Christmas parades, people march along the streets.
Example Sentence: “We watched the band march in the Christmas parade.”

26. Mingle

Description: Mingle means to move around and talk to different people in a group. At Christmas parties, people mingle and share joy.
Example Sentence: “At the Christmas party, we mingled and sang carols with our friends.”

27. Mystery

Description: A mystery is something that is secret and exciting. Santa Claus is a fun Christmas mystery for many children.
Example Sentence: “It’s a mystery how Santa visits so many houses in one night!”

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