We’ve got a word list to help build vocabulary this season with Christmas words that start with P! With simple descriptions and example sentences, this list is suitable for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Christmas Words That Start With P

Printable resources for Christmas vocabulary and phonics

Christmas Words That Start With P

1. Pageant

  • Description: A play or performance about the Christmas story.
  • Example: “We watched the children perform in the Christmas pageant.”

2. Pajamas

  • Description: Comfortable clothes we wear to sleep, often with fun designs.
  • Example: “On Christmas Eve, everyone wore their special holiday pajamas.”

3. Parade

  • Description: A fun procession with music and floats, often celebrating a special occasion.
  • Example: “We saw Santa Claus at the end of the Christmas parade.”

4. Partridge

  • Description: A type of bird, famous from the Christmas song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’.
  • Example: “In the song, the partridge is in a pear tree.”

5. Party

  • Description: A fun gathering with friends and family to celebrate.
  • Example: “We’re going to a Christmas party with games and treats.”

6. Patience

  • Description: Waiting calmly, especially for something exciting.
  • Example: “We need to have patience until Christmas morning to open our presents.”

7. Peace

  • Description: A feeling of calm and quiet, often associated with Christmas.
  • Example: “Christmas is a time for peace and love.”

8. Peppermint

  • Description: A minty flavor that’s popular in candies and treats during Christmas.
  • Example: “We enjoyed peppermint hot chocolate after playing in the snow.”

9. Perfume

  • Description: A sweet-smelling liquid that people wear, often given as a gift.
  • Example: “Mom got a bottle of perfume for Christmas.”

10. Personalized

  • Description: Something special made just for you, with your name or a special message.
  • Example: “She received a personalized Christmas ornament with her name on it.”

11. Photograph

  • Description: A picture taken with a camera to remember a special moment.
  • Example: “We took a family photograph in front of the Christmas tree.”

12. Piano

  • Description: A large musical instrument with keys, played by pressing them.
  • Example: “Grandma played Christmas carols on the piano.”

13. Pick

  • Description: To choose something.
  • Example: “She got to pick the first Christmas movie we watched.”

14. Pie

  • Description: A sweet dessert with a crust and filling, like apple or pumpkin.
  • Example: “We baked a delicious apple pie for Christmas dinner.”

15. Picture

  • Description: A drawing or a photograph.
  • Example: “He drew a picture of Santa Claus for the Christmas card.”

16. Picturesque

  • Description: Very pretty, like a picture.
  • Example: “The snowy village was picturesque during the holidays.”

17. Pinecone

  • Description: A brown, woody object that falls from pine trees.
  • Example: “We collected pinecones to decorate for Christmas.”

18. Pipers Piping

  • Description: Musicians playing pipes, as in the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ song.
  • Example: “On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love sent to me eleven pipers piping.”

19. Pleasant

  • Description: Nice and enjoyable.
  • Example: “We had a pleasant time decorating the Christmas tree.”

20. Plentiful

  • Description: A lot of something, more than enough.
  • Example: “There was a plentiful supply of cookies at the Christmas party.”

21. Plum

  • Description: A type of fruit, often used in Christmas desserts.
  • Example: “We made a plum pudding for Christmas.”

22. Poinsettia

  • Description: A plant with red and green leaves, popular at Christmas.
  • Example: “The poinsettia looked beautiful next to the fireplace.”

23. Polar

  • Description: Related to the North Pole, where Santa Claus lives.
  • Example: “We read a story about polar bears and the North Pole.”

24. Polar Bear

  • Description: A large, white bear that lives in cold, snowy places.
  • Example: “The children loved the story about the friendly polar bear.”

25. Polar Express

  • Description: A magical train in a Christmas story that takes children to the North Pole.
  • Example: “They watched ‘The Polar Express’ movie and dreamed of riding the train.”

26. Pole

  • Description: The very top of the Earth, called the North Pole, where Santa lives.
  • Example: “Santa’s workshop is at the North Pole.”

27. Portrait

  • Description: A picture or painting of someone, often used as a gift.
  • Example: “They gave their grandparents a family portrait for Christmas.”

28. Praise

  • Description: To say good things about someone or something.
  • Example: “We sang songs of praise during the Christmas service.”

29. Pray

  • Description: To talk to God, especially during religious celebrations like Christmas.
  • Example: “Before opening presents, they took a moment to pray and give thanks.”

30. Prepare

  • Description: To get ready for something, like Christmas.
  • Example: “We helped prepare the house for the Christmas party.”

31. Present

  • Description: A gift given to someone, especially during Christmas.
  • Example: “She unwrapped the present to find a beautiful doll inside.”

32. Presents

  • Description: Gifts given and received during Christmas.
  • Example: “The children were excited to open their presents on Christmas morning.”

33. Promise

  • Description: A pledge or commitment to do something.
  • Example: “He made a promise to be good all year so Santa would bring him gifts.”

34. Prancer

  • Description: One of Santa Claus’s reindeer, known for prancing joyfully.
  • Example: “Prancer is one of the reindeer that pulls Santa’s sleigh.”

35. Punch

  • Description: A sweet drink made of fruit juice, often served at parties.
  • Example: “We had delicious fruit punch at the Christmas celebration.”

36. Parcel

  • Description: A package wrapped up and sent in the mail, often containing gifts.
  • Example: “Grandma sent a parcel filled with Christmas treats.”

37. Parol

  • Description: A traditional Filipino Christmas lantern.
  • Example: “The parol shone brightly with its colorful lights.”

38. Party Favors

  • Description: Small gifts given to guests at a party as a thank you.
  • Example: “Each child received party favors at the end of the Christmas celebration.”

39. Pastries

  • Description: Sweet baked goods, often enjoyed during the holiday season.
  • Example: “The table was filled with delicious Christmas pastries.”

40. Patchwork

  • Description: A type of sewing where different pieces of fabric are put together.
  • Example: “The patchwork quilt had a special Christmas design.”

41. Peal (of bells)

  • Description: The sound of bells ringing, often heard during Christmas celebrations.
  • Example: “The peal of bells could be heard from the church on Christmas Eve.”

42. Pearls

  • Description: Small, round, shiny objects often used in jewelry, and sometimes as Christmas decorations.
  • Example: “Her Christmas dress was decorated with pearls.”

43. Placemats

  • Description: Mats placed under plates to decorate the table and keep it clean.
  • Example: “The Christmas placemats had pictures of reindeer on them.”

44. Plaid

  • Description: A pattern of crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors.
  • Example: “The plaid ribbons added a cozy touch to the Christmas decorations.”

45. Plan

  • Description: A detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.
  • Example: “We made a plan to bake cookies for the Christmas party.”

46. Play

  • Description: Engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.
  • Example: “The children play a game of charades on Christmas Eve.”

47. Postcard

  • Description: A card for sending a message by mail without an envelope, typically having a photograph or other illustration on one side.
  • Example: “They sent a postcard with a snowy scene to wish their family a Merry Christmas.”

48. Precious

  • Description: Of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly.
  • Example: “The precious moments of Christmas morning were filled with joy and laughter.”

49. Pudding

  • Description: A dessert with a creamy consistency, often served during the holiday season.
  • Example: “Grandma’s Christmas pudding was a family favorite, rich with fruits and spices.”

50. Puppets

  • Description: A movable model of a person or animal that is typically moved either by strings controlled from above or by a hand inside it.
  • Example: “The children enjoyed the puppet show at the Christmas festival.”

51. Purchase

  • Description: Acquire (something) by paying for it; buy.
  • Example: “They went to purchase gifts for their friends for the Christmas exchange.”

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