We’ve got a word list to help build vocabulary this season with Christmas words that start with Q! With simple descriptions and example sentences, this list is suitable for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.


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Christmas Words That Start With Q

1. Quilt

Description: A quilt is a type of warm blanket made by sewing together pieces of fabric. During Christmas, many people like to snuggle under quilts because they are cozy and warm.
Example Sentence: “On Christmas Eve, Jamie wrapped herself in her colorful quilt and waited for Santa.”

2. Quince

Description: Quince is a fruit that looks a bit like a pear. It’s often used in jellies and jams, and sometimes in Christmas recipes.
Example Sentence: “Mom made a special quince jam for our Christmas breakfast toast.”

3. Quirky

Description: Quirky means something that is a little bit funny and unusual. Christmas can be a time for quirky decorations or fun traditions.
Example Sentence: “Mr. Claus wore a quirky hat with reindeer antlers that made all the children giggle.”

4. Quiet

Description: Quiet means making very little noise. On Christmas night, everything is quiet and peaceful, perfect for Santa’s visit.
Example Sentence: “The house was so quiet on Christmas night that you could hear the snowflakes falling outside.”

5. Quiver

Description: Quiver means to shake or tremble, often from cold or excitement. On a cold Christmas morning, you might quiver until you put on your warm clothes.
Example Sentence: “Annie quivered with excitement as she opened her Christmas present.”

6. Quartz

Description: Quartz is a type of shiny, hard crystal. Sometimes, Christmas decorations are made to look like quartz because they sparkle.
Example Sentence: “The quartz-like ornaments on the Christmas tree sparkled in the light.”

7. Quintet

Description: A quintet is a group of five singers or musicians. During Christmas, quintets often perform carols and festive music.
Example Sentence: “The Christmas quintet sang beautiful carols at the town square.”

8. Queue

Description: Queue means to line up or wait in a line. Sometimes, children queue to meet Santa Claus and tell him their Christmas wishes.
Example Sentence: “The children were in a queue to see Santa and tell him what they wanted for Christmas.”

9. Quest

Description: A quest is a search or a journey to find something. In many Christmas stories, characters go on quests to find the perfect gift or the Christmas star.
Example Sentence: “The elves went on a quest to find the special star for the top of Santa’s Christmas tree.”

10. Quiche

Description: Quiche is a type of pie made with eggs, cheese, and sometimes vegetables or meat. It can be a yummy dish for Christmas brunch.
Example Sentence: “For Christmas brunch, we had a delicious quiche with spinach and cheese.”

11. Quartet

Description: A quartet is a group of four singers or musicians. They often sing Christmas carols or festive songs.
Example Sentence: “The Christmas quartet sang our favorite carols by the fireplace.”

12. Quick

Description: Quick means to move fast. Santa has to be quick to deliver all the presents on Christmas Eve.
Example Sentence: “Santa was so quick that he visited every house in one night!”

13. Quill

Description: A quill is an old-fashioned pen made from a bird’s feather. Long ago, people might have used quills to write their Christmas lists.
Example Sentence: “Grandpa told us stories of writing Christmas cards with a quill.”

14. Quirky

Description: Quirky means unusual in a fun or interesting way. Christmas is a time for quirky traditions and fun.
Example Sentence: “We have a quirky tradition of wearing funny hats on Christmas dinner.”

15. Quota

Description: Quota means a set amount of something. Santa might have a quota for the number of toys to be made by the elves.
Example Sentence: “The elves worked hard to meet their toy-making quota before Christmas.”

16. Quibble

Description: Quibble means to argue over small things. It’s important to remember the spirit of Christmas and not quibble over little details.
Example Sentence: “The siblings decided not to quibble over who would open the first Christmas present.”

17. Quaint

Description: Quaint means charmingly old-fashioned. Some Christmas traditions or decorations can be quaint and lovely.
Example Sentence: “The quaint little village was decorated beautifully for Christmas.”

18. Quarkstollen

Description: Quarkstollen is a special kind of sweet bread from Germany, made during Christmas. It has fruits and nuts in it and is very yummy.
Example Sentence: “At the Christmas market, we tried Quarkstollen, and it tasted like a holiday treat!”

19. Quietude

Description: Quietude means being quiet and calm. During Christmas, especially after a snowfall, there’s a beautiful quietude all around.
Example Sentence: “The quietude of Christmas morning made everything feel magical and peaceful.”

20. Quote

Description: A quote is a line or saying from someone else, like from a Christmas story or movie.
Example Sentence: “Our favorite Christmas quote is, ‘The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!'”

21. Quadruple

Description: Quadruple means four times as much. Sometimes, Christmas joy feels like it quadruples when you’re with family and friends.
Example Sentence: “When we all decorate the tree together, the fun quadruples!”

22. Quarrel

Description: Quarrel means to have a little argument. Sometimes people might quarrel about small things, but it’s important to make up, especially at Christmas.
Example Sentence: “The twins had a small quarrel about who would hang the star, but then they decided to do it together.”

23. Quintessential

Description: Quintessential means the perfect example of something. A Christmas tree with lights and ornaments is a quintessential part of Christmas.
Example Sentence: “The quintessential smell of pine from the Christmas tree filled the house.”

24. Question

Description: A question is when you ask something because you want to know more. Children often have lots of questions about Santa and his reindeer.
Example Sentence: “Lily had a question about how Santa’s sleigh could fly.”

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