We’ve got a word list to help build vocabulary this season with Christmas words that start with U! With simple descriptions and example sentences, this list is suitable for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Christmas Words That Start With U

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Christmas Words That Start With U

1. Ugly Sweater

  • Description: A funny, often colorful sweater with Christmas designs that people wear for fun.
  • Example: “I wore my ugly sweater with a big reindeer on it!”

2. Ukulele

  • Description: A small, four-stringed musical instrument often played during festive gatherings.
  • Example: “Auntie played ‘Jingle Bells’ on her ukulele.”

3. Ultimate

  • Description: The best or most important.
  • Example: “Santa’s ultimate gift was a big, red fire truck.”

4. Umpire

  • Description: A person who makes sure that games are played fairly. Not a Christmas word, but can be used in holiday games.
  • Example: “Dad was the umpire for our Christmas Eve soccer game.”

5. Unanimously

  • Description: When everyone agrees on something.
  • Example: “We unanimously decided to watch a Christmas movie.”

6. Unbelievable

  • Description: Something so amazing it’s hard to believe.
  • Example: “The Christmas lights in the town square were unbelievable!”

7. Unblemished

  • Description: Perfect, without any marks.
  • Example: “The unblemished snow looked like a white blanket.”

8. Unbox

  • Description: To open a box, especially a gift.
  • Example: “We can’t wait to unbox our presents on Christmas morning!”

9. Uncomfortable

  • Description: Not feeling easy or relaxed.
  • Example: “The scratchy Christmas sweater was uncomfortable.”

10. Unconditional

  • Description: Complete and without any conditions.
  • Example: “Whether you’re naughty or nice, Santa’s love for all children is unconditional.”

11. Uncle

  • Description: The brother of one’s parent.
  • Example: “Uncle Joe dressed up as Santa Claus!”

12. Under

  • Description: Below something else.
  • Example: “The Christmas gifts were hidden under the tree.”

13. Undertake

  • Description: To start or take on a task.
  • Example: “We will undertake making Christmas cookies tomorrow.”

14. Uneven

  • Description: Not level or equal.
  • Example: “The homemade cookies were uneven but delicious.”

15. Unfortunate

  • Description: Unlucky or having bad luck.
  • Example: “It was unfortunate that the gingerbread house fell apart.”

16. Unlit

  • Description: Not lit up or without light.
  • Example: “The unlit fireplace awaited Santa’s arrival.”

17. Unselfish

  • Description: To think of others before yourself.
  • Example: “Giving gifts is an unselfish act of love.”

18. Unveil

  • Description: To show or reveal something.
  • Example: “They will unveil the town’s Christmas tree tonight.”

19. Unwrap

  • Description: To remove the wrapping from a gift.
  • Example: “We all gathered to unwrap our Christmas presents.”

20. Upbeat

  • Description: Happy and positive.
  • Example: “The upbeat Christmas music made everyone dance.”

21. Uphold

  • Description: To maintain or support.
  • Example: “We uphold the tradition of decorating the tree together.”

22. Uplifting

  • Description: Something that makes you feel happy and hopeful.
  • Example: “The uplifting story of Santa Claus brings joy to children.”

23. Uproar

  • Description: A lot of noise or excited activity.
  • Example: “There was an uproar of laughter when the clown entered.”

24. Uproot

  • Description: To remove or move from its usual place.
  • Example: “We had to uproot the tree to make space for the new one.”

25. Upscale

  • Description: Fancy or high-quality.
  • Example: “The fancy Christmas party was at the big upscale hotel.”

26. Upturn

  • Description: An improvement or positive change.
  • Example: “The upturn in weather made our Christmas picnic possible.”

27. Uptick

  • Description: A small increase or rise.
  • Example: “There was an uptick in excitement as Christmas approached.”

28. Urgent

  • Description: Something that needs immediate attention.
  • Example: “It’s urgent to mail our letters to Santa today!”

29. Utilize

  • Description: To use something effectively.
  • Example: “We utilize every ornament when decorating the tree.”

30. Utopia

  • Description: A perfect place.
  • Example: “The Christmas village looked like a snowy utopia.”

31. Universal

  • Description: Something that is true or relevant everywhere.
  • Example: “The joy of Christmas is a universal feeling.”

32. Unity

  • Description: Being together or at one with someone or something.
  • Example: “Christmas brings a sense of unity to our family.”

33. Undulate

  • Description: To move in waves.
  • Example: “The undulate movements of the dancers reminded us of snowflakes.”

34. Under

  • Description: Below something else.
  • Example: “The cat slept under the warm Christmas tree lights.”

35. Usher

  • Description: To lead or guide someone to a place.
  • Example: “The carols usher in the Christmas spirit.”

36. Utterly

  • Description: Completely or totally.
  • Example: “The Christmas feast was utterly delicious.”

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