We’ve got a word list to help build vocabulary this season with Christmas words that start with X! Your students will get a kick out of learning some of these unusual words and trying to put them in a sentence.

Christmas Words That Start With X

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Christmas Words That Start With X

1. Xmas

Description: Xmas is another way to say Christmas. It’s a shorter, fun way to write it.
Example Sentence: “I can’t wait for Xmas to decorate the tree!”

2. Xylophone

Description: A xylophone is a musical instrument with wooden bars that you hit with a mallet. It makes lovely sounds.
Example Sentence: “We played Jingle Bells on the xylophone at our Xmas concert.”

3. X-factor

Description: X-factor means something special that you can’t quite describe. It’s like a secret ingredient that makes things wonderful.
Example Sentence: “Grandma’s Xmas cookies have a special X-factor that makes them delicious.”

4. Xeniaria

Description: Xeniaria is a word that means a place where guests are welcomed, like a cozy guest room.
Example Sentence: “Our home becomes a xeniaria during Xmas with all our family visiting.”

5. Xylitol

Description: Xylitol is a sweetener found in some candies and gum. It’s like sugar but a little different.
Example Sentence: “Mom bought Xmas gum with xylitol for the grownups!”

6. Xystus

Description: A xystus is a long, covered walkway where people can walk back and forth.
Example Sentence: “We decorated the school’s xystus with Xmas lights and tinsel.”

7. Xenodochium

Description: This is a place for people who are traveling, like a small hotel or inn.
Example Sentence: “In the Xmas story, Mary and Joseph looked for a room in a xenodochium.”

8. Xeranthemum

Description: Xeranthemum is a type of flower that is dry and papery. They are often used in dried flower arrangements.
Example Sentence: “We made Xmas wreaths with xeranthemum and pinecones.”

9. Xylography

Description: Xylography is the art of carving designs into wood to make prints.
Example Sentence: “We saw beautiful Xmas cards made with xylography at the craft fair.”

10. Xenodochial

Description: Xenodochial means being friendly to strangers or guests.
Example Sentence: “Let’s be xenodochial and invite the new student to our Xmas party.”

11. Xenophilia

Description: Xenophilia is a love for things that are different or foreign.
Example Sentence: “Our Xmas dinner includes dishes from around the world because of our family’s xenophilia.”

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