Dental health is one of the most important lessons we can teach our preschoolers. They will use these skills their entire life to keep their teeth and body in wonderful shape. Check out these fun learning activities for dental health month!

Preschool Activities for Dental Health Month

Brush your teeth! Every preschoolers will eventually ask why they need to grab the toothbrush multiple times each day. These dental health activities are a great visual for your kids as they learn about plaque build up, proper brushing techniques and why dental health is so important for a healthy body.

This is a great little tray setup from @montessori_anaqi to begin exploring teeth and dental health!


I absolutely love this idea from Fine Motor Bootcamp of using legos to make an easy tooth brushing activity!

Free Dental Health Rhyming Matchups | Preschool Activities Nook
Get these free printables for your literacy centers during your dental health unit!
Egg in Soda Experiment | Modern Mom Life – What does soda do to your teeth? This is experiment helps young kids learn about the effect of sugary drinks and how to clean their teeth well each time they drink a soda.

Tooth Fairy Pack | 3 Dinosaurs – Grab this tooth fairy pack as a great way to help celebrate the milestone of losing teeth!

Brush Away Alphabet Germs | Growing Book by Book – Your kids are going to LOVE this one! Create your own mouth model with ice cube trays and help your kids brush away the alphabet germs.

Dental Coloring Pages | B-Inspired Mama – Coloring pages are a great way to introduce dental health vocabulary! This set is perfect for preschoolers learn more about teeth.

Race to Lose a Tooth Counting Game | Toddler Approved –  Oh my! What a fun way to help little ones learn and play. Create your own mouth counting game with materials you already have at home.

Plan dental health month activities! These are great for brushing teeth lessons for preschoolers and fine motor tooth themed work.

Flossing Activity | Teaching Mama – Flossing is an important part of dental health. This fun activity helps kids see the plaque and food bits that can hide between teeth!

Letter Match Tooth Cleaning Game | Rainy Day Mum – Matching letters has never been so fun! Create your own alphabet matching game while your kids learn the importance of cleaning their teeth.

Toothpaste Slime | Still Playing School – Ever child loves slime! This time make a toothpaste themed slime for your creative kids during dental health month.

Make a Model Mouth | Kids Activities Blog – You’re kids are going to have a blast making their own mouth model. Grab the materials you need out of your recycle bin and be creative!

Toothbrush Painting | Simple Fun for Kids – Help little ones learn dental vocabulary and how to use a tooth brush with this fun process art activity.

How cool is this DIY parts of a tooth model from @homemade.learners?!


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We would love to hear from you! What are your favorite activities for Dental Health Month?