Springtime means new life, beautiful pastels, and EGGS! It’s the perfect time of year to try these amazing¬†egg activities for spring with your kids.

Check out our favorite set of egg themed preschool lesson plans from Preschoolteacher101

This 343-page lesson plan set includes:

1) Introduce Oviparous Animals (in color and b/w)

2) Egg Spelling

3) Roll and Add Number Cubes (in color and b/w)

4) Science Journal (in color and b/w)

5) Rhymes with Egg (in color and b/w)

6) Order Eggs by Size (in color and b/w)

7) Emergent Reader (3 versions, in color and b/w)

8) Descriptive Words (in color and b/w)

9) Number Puzzles (in color and b/w)

10) Beginning Letter Match (in color and b/w)

11) Egg Patterns (in color and b/w)

12) Letter Puzzles (2 versions, in color and b/w)

13) Animal Writing (in color and b/w)

14) Number Cards (in color and b/w)

15) Oviparous Animals Sort (in color and b/w)

16) Vocabulary Cards (2 versions, in color and b/w)

17) 35 Real Photos

18) Additional Activity Descriptions

Get it here >> Egg Theme Preschool Classroom Lesson Plans

More Egg Activities for Spring

Eggs are everywhere in the spring as families celebrate Easter and the Easter Bunny makes his grand entrance. This year, try these fun science and learning activities with your curious preschoolers.

Sneak in learning with this set of activities from some of our favorite sites.

Egg Activities for Spring- great for preschool and Montessori

Montessori Easter Egg Activities | Trillium Montessori – Start your learning with Montessori themed Easter egg learning! Students will love these inviting learning materials.

Crystal Egg Shells | Little Bins for Little Hands – Did you know you can grow crystals inside of your dyed eggshells? I had no idea! You’ll need a couple household materials to make this amazing science experiment a success.

Floating Egg Science Experiment | Fantastic Fun and Learning – Wow the kids with this STEM activities. This is one of my favorite egg activities for spring. It never gets old!

Magnetic Eggs | Frugal Fun 4 Boys – How many extra plastic eggs do you have on hand? Use some of your egg stash to make fun magnetic eggs. They are simple to put together and TONS of fun for preschoolers.

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Rainbow Rubber Eggs | Schooling a Monkey – Plan ahead to make rainbow rubber eggs this spring! This is another fun science experiment that will wow your preschoolers!

Humpty Dumpty Science | I Heart Crafty Things – Make a fun STEM challenge for your kids this spring. Predict and test the best way to keep Humpty Dumpty safe during this fall!

Walking on Eggs | Playdough to Plato – Walking eggs? The kids will want to try this egg activity over and over again! You’ll need A LOT of eggs for this one so plan ahead!

Painting with Plastic Eggs | Buggy and Buddy – Dip into your plastic egg stash again for the sake of art! Use your eggs in this spring themed process art activity.

Egg Drop Challenge | Gift of Curiosity – It’s time to test out what type of materials will keep your eggs save when they drop. This is another great egg activity for spring your kids will LOVE!

Fizzy Easter Eggs | Little Bins for Little Hands – You can set up fizzy eggs in minute for hours of fun for your preschoolers! Not only will they learn simple science they will also strengthen their hands for better handwriting!

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