Try adding these great activities to your preschool frogs unit this spring!

How to Introduce a Frog Theme

I like to introduce a new unit with a kid friendly book about frogs and some simple facts to set the stage. The video below about frogs and amphibians from the San Diego Zoo is a great one to watch with your preschoolers.


What Are Amphibians? | Just Montessori  I really like how JustMontessori introduces frogs and amphibians to her Montessori class. This post also has lots of learning activities you can add to your centers.

Learn About Amphibians | Every Star is Different has a great series of free amphibian printables you can use.

Frogs Lesson Plan | Preschool Teacher 101

Inside, you will find

  • Recommended Book List
  • 1-Page Weekly Lesson Plan Grid with Activity Ideas for Whole Group, Literacy, Math, and Science each day
    • Alternate Editable Weekly Grids for 4-day, 3-day, and 2-day programs
  • 5 Daily Lesson Plan Sheets with Activity Directions and Materials List
  • 2-Page Center Descriptions
  • Related Printables

Activities include:

  • Frog Observation Activity
  • Frog Themed Emotions Discussions (10 versions)
  • Frog Themed Ending Sounds Sorting Game (4 versions)
  • Letters vs. Words Activity (5 versions)
  • Frog ABC Match (Upper and Lowercase, 2 versions)
  • Frog Life Cycle Ordering Activity
  • Real Frog Photos (5)
  • Frogs Number Cards (0-35, in color and b/w)
  • Frogs Pattern and Sorting Cards (in color and b/w)
  • Frogs Roll and Graph Dice Game (in color and b/w)
  • Frogs on a Log Syllable Sorting Activity (3 versions)
  • Frogs Counting Mats (1-20)

Frog Language Activities

Frogs Beginning Sounds | Preschool Activities Nook. Add these beginning sounds matching cards to your literacy centers.

Frog Hop Blending Words | Fantastic Fun and Learning  This is a really fun activity to put together for your students who are just beginning to read. Help them learn how to blend sounds in short words.

Frog Math Activities

I love the “Five Green and Speckled Frogs” song!  It’s fun any time of year and it’s a great way to practice some counting skills.

Montessori Inspired Frog Math Activities | Living Montessori Now There are lots of free printables and other frog themed math resources for you to try here!

Frog Fine Motor Activities

Floating Frogs | Pinay Homeschooler  This is a fantastic fine motor activity!  It takes a lot of coordination to balance those frogs.  And as a bonus, your preschoolers can lear about the concepts of sink and float, too!

Frog Sensory and Dramatic Play

Frogs Sensory Bin | Living Montessori Now  You have to have a water bead filled froggy sensory bin during your frog unit!  Check out these awesome resources from Living Montessori Now to create your own.

Frog Life Cycle Small World Play | Fantastic Fun and Learning This is another great idea for frog themed sensory play! I love what they used to create frog spawn… what a great idea!

You know you want to try this froggy craft and activity from @elaileaktiviteler!


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Frog Gross Motor Fun

How Far Can a Frog Jump? | The Usual Mayhem  This is a simple but fun game to enjoy outside with your little ones.
Jump Frog Jump Gross Motor Game with Printable | 3 Dinosaurs This is a fun gross motor activity to do while reading the book, Jump Frog, Jump!

A Froggy Snack!

Edible Frog Life Cycle | Teach Beside Me  Add a little froggy snack to your unit for some extra fun!  Your preschoolers will love creating and eating this edible frog life cycle!


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