How to Introduce a Pumpkin Theme

The best way to introduce a pumpkin theme is to go to a pumpkin patch and pick some pumpkins!  You’ll be able to see the different stages of pumpkin growth and get a wonderful, sensory experience before you dig in and start learning about them. The resources below will help you create a lesson plan for your preschool pumpkin theme:

Learning About Pumpkins | Trillium Montessori
Lots of fun, hands-on ideas to get your pumpkin theme started.

Pumpkin Theme Preschool Lesson Plans | Preschool Teacher 101
This printable pack will help you plan out and execute your pumpkin unit.  It includes daily lesson plans, a recommended book list, center descriptions, and 12 related printable activities!  Lots of pumpkin themed early math and literacy activities are included.

Pumpkin Language Activities

Pumpkin Patch Phonological Awareness |Trillium Montessori
This is our favorite resource for teaching phonemic and phonological awareness skills. Check it out for a whole series of pumpkin themed phonemic awareness activities. This set is included in the October printables of the Hands-On Kids Activities Club.

Here we’re sorting by middle vowel sounds!

Pumpkin Rhyming Matchups | Preschool Activities Nook
This printable is available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Working on color sorting and vocabulary development with these pumpkin patch color sorting cards using October resources from the Hands-On Kids Activities Club.

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Amy, one of the members of the Hands-On Kids Activities Club., shared these photos of her students using some of the October club printables!

Working on comprehension and inferencing with these Pumpkin Patch Question Cards

Comparing and sorting pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns

increase vocabulary and visual discrimination skills by learning the names of different types of pumpkins, squash, and gourds.


Pumpkin Math Activities

You’ll find these math activities and more in the Pumpkin Theme Preschool Lesson Plans from Preschool Teacher 101.

Pumpkin Patch Counting | Frugal Fun 4 Boys
This is a really cute (and simple) pumpkin patch counting activity to put together!

Read and count!

@gb.academy_preschool shared this photo of the pumpkin counting clip cards from the Hands-On Kids Activities Club.


Pumpkin Fine Motor Activities

Here’s a simple but fun fine motor activity with a pumpkin twist!


Pumpkin Fine Motor | Trillium Montessori
Get a whole slew of pumpkin-y fine motor activity ideas here!

This is a super simple but fun motor control activity!

Beaded Pumpkin | Preschool Powol Packets
This beaded pumpkin activity is sure to be a hit in your classroom!  Try it out!

Pumpkin hammering was always super popular in our class.  The look of intense concentration on this young child from Tuckahoe Montessori is what it’s all about!

And here’s a fantastic variation from @whitneymarief… screws instead of nails! Love it!


Pumpkin Craft Activities

Jack O Lantern Collages | Reading Confetti
Your children will LOVE making funny pumpkin faces with this awesome collage activity!

Pumpkin Apple Stamping | Frugal Mom Eh!
Funny how an apple stamp can look like a pumpkin!  Your little ones will get a chuckle out of making pumpkins from apples!

We love this fun craft stick puzzle idea from @activelittles.  Slightly older children will really enjoy creating their own puzzles.

This simple collage from Pocket of Preschool is a fantastic idea for practicing gluing skills for preschoolers!

We always loved having a symmetry cutting exercise on the shelf.  This pumpkin symmetry cutting activity from Montessori-behavior is simple and perfect for young hands learning to use scissors.

Pumpkin Sensory and Dramatic Play

We love this Montessori mini pumpkin scrubbing activity from @this_little_yellow_house

Pretend Play Pumpkin Patch | No Time For Flashcards
Set up a fun pumpkin patch dramatic play area (includes some free printables!)

Pumpkin Gross Motor Fun

Rolling Pumpkins Game | Sunny Day Family
Pumpkins are HEAVY! And toddlers and preschoolers love heavy things!  Check out this simple pumpkin rolling activity for some gross motor fun.

Pumpkin Relay Race | The Inspired Tree House
Try these group games outside or even on circle!

Pumpkin Science/STEM Activities

Dissect a pumpkin and see what’s inside!

Learn the names of all the parts of a pumpkin


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