Are you afraid of spiders? Perhaps if more of us had learned about spiders as children we would have a healthy respect for them, instead of fear!  Spiders are very common and it’s highly likely that your children will come across them regularly. So, instead of running from them, let’s learn about them!

Here are some resources to help you create a preschool spider theme (also great for Kindergarten!)

Spider Theme Preschool Lesson Plans| Preschool Teacher 101: This done-for-you spiders lesson plan is a great starting point for your spider theme.  From science facts to literacy to math, it includes everything you need to learn about spiders in a hands-on, non-scary way!

Spider Letters | Early Learning Ideas:  Learn, create and count! Engage your kid in this spider counting activity and make them learn number in fun way!

Spider Beginning sounds| Preschool Activity Nook: How about teaching preschoolers about sounds? Grab this sound matching and sorting activity for your literacy centers!


Spider Life Cycle | Welcome to Mommyhood
We love incorporating life cycles in all of our animal studies. They are such an important way to learn about continuity and change.  Check out this great printable from Welcome to Mommyhood.  (This set is included in the Life Cycles bonus of the Hands-On Kids Activities Club so if you’re a member, be sure to grab it from there!)

Spider Math Activities

This is a fun and simple counting activity! You should be able to find some little spiders at the dollar store or the craft store and can quickly hand draw a web.  Draw a number card and count the spiders onto the web!  We also love using dice instead of number cards for counting activities like this.

You’ll also want to hop over to Living Montessori Now to download their spider web number cards.  These can be used for so many purposes!

If you’re looking for spider ten frames, this printable from is adorable!

Paper Plate Spider Webs | The Printable Princess:  Bring some paper plates and spider erasers, draw a web over and put some spiders on the paper. Now, ask your child count and identify the number written over that plate and it’s done!

Spider Legs Counting| Mom To 2 Posh Lil Divas:  With this spider leg counting activity, counting can be exciting and fun-filled!  Grab some spiders and bats and involve kids in counting.

We LOVE this measuring and counting activity from @readtomeactivities!


Spider Fine Motor activities

Spider Web Plates | Annelily Designs:  Work on hand and eye coordination with this super yarn and spider activity. Grab some yarn, some paper plates and you are good to go!

Here’s another version of this fun spider web threading activity, this time from @annabel_french_childminding!

How adorable are these beaded spider legs from @resources4learning?!

Sifting itsy bitsy spiders from a bowl of rice… irresistible!

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Spider Crafts

Watercolor Resist Spider Web | Let’s Lasso the Moon:  Kid’s love coloring, so give them water colors and ask them to paint the web.

Play Dough Spider Invitation | Childhood 101: Grab some colored dough, googly eyes and some straws and you are set to create animated spiders!

Spider Gross Motor Fun:

Spider Web Gross Motor Activities | Pre-K Pages:  Grab some chalk or painter tape and make a spider web on the floor. Write numbers, shapes and letters and have some full body spider-y fun!

Would you eat a spider? You might if it was made of marshmallows and pretzel sticks!  What a fun spidey snack from @childcareforlife!

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