We know how busy it can get in the month of May, so we have made it much easier for you to plan your classes for your preschoolers!

That’s right, we have come up with fifteen different ideas for you to choose from that you can use to theme your classes around.

15 Exciting May Themes For Preschool For Your Class

We have even included some worksheets, book recommendations, and other suggestions so that your class is super engaging for your students!

There are so many free learning resources online that we have found and included within this list.

Your preschoolers will love learning about all of these different subjects with the fun and engaging activities we have found for you to try out!

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get into it! Here are fifteen different and exciting themes for May for your preschool class.

All About Me Theme

The very first suggestion that we have for you to try out in May, is the ‘’all about me’’ theme! This is a super easy and simple theme with endless possibilities.

Your preschoolers are sure to enjoy learning about their classmates and also telling their peers more about themselves!

This theme is the perfect way to get to know your students, and for them to get to know themselves and each other.

This theme is also fantastic in regards to getting your students to practice writing their names.

Use this worksheet to encourage your students to write their names and draw pictures about all their favorite things.

You can then go around the classroom one by one and have each student talk about their worksheet and their personality. This is a great way to encourage their self-confidence and social skills.

There are so many more ideas that you can incorporate with this theme.

The ‘’all about me’’ theme is a great way to celebrate how unique each of your students is!

Beach And Sea Theme

Beach and Sea Theme

Children love going to the beach, and let’s be honest – we grown-ups do too! So why not bring the beach to your classroom? This way both you and your preschoolers will have an enjoyable time while learning!

How can you bring the beach to the classroom you may ask? It’s simple really! One of the best ways is to add some sensory activities for your children to take part in.

This includes a sandpit to imitate the sand of the beach and a shallow pool filled with water! Children can play in the sand and water and have fun with their sensory play!

This is also a great way to introduce your class to the animals you can find on the beach and in the sea! Additionally, there are many nursery rhymes you can teach your kids that are also beach-themed.

Bubbles Theme

Children love bubbles, so what better way to engage with your class than by planning a theme all about bubbles!

Have your children create some bubble art by using bubble wrap and other circle-shaped items to allow them to explore their creativity and help with their fine motor skills.

You can also bring in bubble-blowing utensils and have them play outside with the bubbles for some outdoor engaging play.

There are so many fun ideas that you can do with bubbles, so why not give it a go?

Fishies Theme

Learning about fish is a great way to stimulate your class whilst also getting them to learn more about the world around them.

You can find fish anywhere from ponds to the ocean, and it can be very fun learning about all the different types of fish and how they are good for our ecosystem!

A good and age-appropriate book for this theme is ‘The Rainbow Fish’ – this is a classic book that all young children will enjoy reading.

If you wanted to go the extra mile you could even look into getting a goldfish as a class pet!

Spring Flowers Theme

Spring Flowers Theme

The next theme we are going to discuss with you is spring flowers! It is now May time and all the flowers have well and truly sprung.

This is a great way to encourage your class to go outside and observe the natural world around them.

Ask them to find different flowers or even draw a picture of the plants and wildlife that they see.

Additionally, you could even set up an experiment in a class where you try and grow your own flower.

This is a fantastic way to show kids how flowers grow and every stage they go through.

Ice Cream Theme

We all love ice cream – especially preschoolers, so they are sure to love this theme! There are many online resources involving ice cream cones that are sure to engage your students more than usual.

Additionally, there are many different storybooks that you can read to your children about ice cream too!

Not only this, but you can also get your class to draw their own ice creams and invent their own flavors so that they can expand their creative skills!

If you fancy treating your class, why not take them to an ice cream shop? This is a very fun activity that is perfect for getting your preschoolers excited about the upcoming Summer season!

Mindfulness Theme

Teaching mindfulness to children at a young age is very important.

This will help them to appreciate and look after their bodies during all stages of life. It will also help to encourage them to be more active and healthy.

You can try out some simple yoga moves with your class – this is fun and interactive. It is also a great way to get everybody moving their bodies which is very important at their age.

Although it may sound daunting, there are many simple yoga moves that you can easily replicate and teach to your children.

This theme will also help to teach your class about their moods and emotions which is very important during these developmental stages.

Learning to be calm and aware of how they feel is a great concept to introduce to children.

Mother’s Day Theme

May is the month for Mother’s day, so why not teach your class about the holiday and why it is celebrated, and how they can celebrate it themselves.

You can help your class to create their own hand-made gifts and cards for their mother or carer back home.

Another craft you can do that will also include sensory play, is to create handprint keepsakes that your class can take home to their family!

Nursery Rhyme Theme

Nursery Rhyme Theme

The next theme suggestion we have is a nursery rhyme theme. I’m sure we all remember the nursery rhymes we were taught back in school, so it is only fair that we pass them on to the new generation.

Learning nursery rhymes is a fun and interactive way to teach your students and get them to interact with one another.

Nursery rhymes help to improve both memory and oral speaking skills due to the rhymes and oral tongue twisters many of the songs have!

There are so many nursery rhymes to introduce to your class that they are sure to remember for the rest of their lives!

Space Theme

There are so many ways to explore the theme of space, from rocket ships to aliens – the fun never ends!

This is not only an educational theme but a fun and enjoyable one too.

From making your own mini rocket ships to collages of the starry night sky, there are so many things you can do with your class.

You can very easily incorporate other subjects into this theme such as mathematics and science with the online resources available to you.

There is also a range of children’s books that cover the space theme for you to try out and read to your class that they will definitely enjoy.

Imagination skills can be developed through reenacting the man on the moon and other well-known space events.

Ocean Theme

There are many wonders of the ocean from fish to barnacles to sea stars and so much more. Introduce your children to the magic of the ocean with this preschool classroom theme.

You can bring the ocean to life in your classroom with ocean-themed sensory bins and ocean games and activities.

Again, there are many storybooks you can read to your class that will introduce them to new animals that live within the ocean.

This is also a great reason to stress the importance of not littering and preserving the ocean that we have.

The ocean is a magical and endless place that children are sure to love learning about!

Pets And Animals Theme

Pets And Animals Theme

Who doesn’t love to talk about their pets? They are like family and these four-legged friends are a great theme for you to implement in your preschool classroom.

One idea is to create an imaginative play area where your students can imagine they are vets or are at a pet store.

This theme will encourage students to talk about their own pets to one another, developing their language and communication skills.

Additionally, you should ask your students to draw their own pets to help with their artistic and fine motor skills!

Seashells Theme

This theme is almost a carry-on from the beach theme that we mentioned earlier, except we are specifically focusing on seashells.

You can ask your students to bring in their own seashells they might have collected from their previous vacations. Looking at different shells will help children to learn about all the different forms and shapes they can come in.

Another fun idea to do with shells is to have your children draw and color their own pictures of seashells to help improve their creative thinking and artistic skills.

There is also a range of nursery rhymes that fit this theme that you can teach your class to improve their oral speaking skills.

This is also a great excuse to create fun picture collages using different seashells.

Summer Theme

Summer is just around the corner so why not get excited about it by theming your classroom and lesson plans around the season?!

From looking at the different animals and plants that sprout during this time of year, to talking of vacation plans and fond memories of previous summers – there are so many different ideas you can use for this theme.

Additionally, this is another fantastic opportunity to use sensory play activities such as water trays and sandpits.

Another idea you can use is to talk about all the different summer fruits and maybe even organize some taste-testing for your class!

Rainbow Theme

Rainbow Theme

The last theme we are going to talk about today is the rainbow theme! This is a fun and simple theme and there are many different resources you can use from the internet to help.

From learning the colors of the rainbow in nursery rhymes to finding specific objects in the colors of the rainbow, children will love to learn all there is to know.

You can even include scientific learning by teaching your class about how rainbows are formed. If you are lucky you may even be able to catch a rainbow in real-life to show to your class!

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it! Fifteen exciting and simple themes for May for your preschool class!

There are so many different ideas you can use for your classroom this month, and these are just a few of them!

Children will love to learn all about these different themes and ideas throughout the month. Better yet, they will learn and acquire many valuable skills through all the activities we have suggested too!

So, not only will they be engaged, active, and having fun, but they will also be learning new skills that will help them as they grow.

Hopefully, this article has inspired and helped you with your lesson plan this month!