Bears are fascinating!  Preschoolers will enjoy learning about different types of bears… and how they’re different from the cute and cuddly teddy bears they have at home!  The resources below will help you create a bear unit for your class.

Bears Unit | @im_the_simon

We love these gorgeous materials featured by @im_the_simon!  Click through to the post on Instagram to find the source for each of these materials.

Bear Activities | Living Montessori Now

Deb has a great collection of bear themed activities for you to try out, including some free printables!  Add these to your math and language centers to work on counting and letter learning. Learn more.

Bear Theme | Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten

From DIY bear track stamping, to bear graphing, to bear snacks, movement games and more, Mrs. Plemons has you covered with ideas for your bear theme! Learn more. Learn more.

Feed the Bear | Fun Learning For Kids

We love this fun DIY “feed the bear” game to practice letter sounds.  All you need is a paper bag and a few other simple supplies to put this together!  You can even adapt this idea to learn all kinds of things! Learn more.

Have a Bear Themed Snack!

All you need is a slice of bread, some spread (try some nut butters!), banana slices for the ears and muzzle, and blueberries for the eyes and nose!  Adorable and delicious!

Counting Bears | What Can We Do With Paper and Glue

You must have a collection of attribute bear manipulatives in your cabinets somewhere!  Check out this fantastic post for 10+ ways to use them!  From sorting and counting, to measuring and more, these little counting bears can be used in so many ways! Learn more.

Types of Bears Graph | Grade Onederful

Learn about different types of bears and make a graph of your favorites! Learn more.

Bear Cutting Strips | Living Montessori Now

Add these free bear cutting strips to your art area to practice some fine motor skills.  We love using the cut up pictures for sorting and gluing and graphing too! Get the cutting strips here.

Cardboard Tube Bears | Creative Family Fun

This is a fun painting and gluing craft that your young students will enjoy!  Use the tube bears you create for story telling and movement games when you’re done! Learn more.

Winter Bear’s Den | Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

You absolutely have to add a bear’s den to your dramatic play area when you’re learning about bears!  This post will show you how.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story Telling | Childhood 101

If you decide to read Goldilocks and the Three Bears during your bears unit, adding some of these props to your dramatic play area will help your little ones practice sequencing and story telling skills. Learn more.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears | Preschool Teacher 101 (affiliate link)

This lesson plan isn’t about bears per se, but it’s a perfect addition to your Bears unit! It includes:

  • Recommended Book List
  • 1-Page Weekly Lesson Plan Grid with Activity Ideas for Whole Group, Literacy, Math, and Science each day
    • Alternate Weekly Grids for 4-day, 3-day, and 2-day programs
  • 5 Daily Lesson Plan Sheets with Activity Directions and Materials List
  • 2-Page Center Descriptions
  • All the Related Printables!

1) Uppercase and Lowercase Goldilocks Characters Alphabet Cards
2) 0-35 Goldilocks Number Cards
3) Goldilocks and the Three Bears Letter Matching Puzzles
4) Teddy Bear Patterning Cards
5) Goldilocks Beginning Sound Matching Activity
6) Goldilocks Theme Build the Word Cards
7) This is Big. This is Small. Opposites Emergent Reader (Two Versions)

Movement and Music


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