Crayons are a great way to encourage kids to color and express themselves, and are a fun way to get children excited about art.

They come in various colors, shapes, sizes, and textures, and there are some that even include glitter and other special and exciting features!

Best Crayons For Toddlers

Still, despite being a great way to encourage children to color and express themselves, they can also be dangerous as they are a choking hazard.

For this reason, in this article, we are going to be providing you with a list of the safest crayons for your toddler, as well as a helpful guide that will ensure you make the safest choice possible.

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Lebze Jumbo Crayons For Toddlers

Kicking our roundup off, we have selected the Lebze Jumbo Crayons which have been specifically designed for toddlers! Read on to discover why these crayons are our best overall pick of the article:

These jumbo crayons are perfect for toddlers who love coloring and drawing, and are suitable for ages 1-3. They have a large tip which makes it easier for them to control their hand movements when using these crayons.

The tips also help prevent little hands from accidentally color outside the lines, which we’re sure that your toddler will love.

Not just that, but these crayons have also been made from a special, non toxic natural wax that contains absolutely no phthalates, lead or asbestos.

Thanks to this, it means that your toddler will be able to use these crayons while you have the peace of mind that they are not being exposed to anything potentially harmful.

Plus, offering incredible value for your money, this crayon set comes in a convenient box that will allow you to store them in one place while they are not being used.

In addition to that, each crayon set comes with 16 vibrant colors that we’re sure will keep your toddler entertained for hours, all while allowing them to get creative, express themselves and work on their motor skills.

All in all? If you’re in the market for crayons that have been specifically designed for toddlers that won’t break the bank – these crayons from Lebze are just what you are looking for.


  • Great value for money
  • Nontoxic natural waxes
  • Convenient boxed set


  • Might not be suitable for children over 3 years old

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Crayola Triangular Crayons

Do you want to help promote your toddler’s writing grip abilities while also being able to have fun and get creative?

If you answered yes to that question, then we think that the Crayola Triangular Crayons might be just what you are currently looking for.

Why? Well, for starters, these awesome Crayola crayons come in a kid-friendly shape, making it much easier for your child to hold onto them.

This is especially useful if your toddler has trouble gripping things because it will allow them to easily grasp them without having to worry about losing grip.

This means that, besides ensuring that your toddler will find it much easier to color precisely without getting out of the lines, these crayons will also help your mini-me develop their ability to grip a pen or pencil in preparation for writing.

Furthermore, these triangular crayons are also incredibly durable, thanks to the fact that they are made from high-quality wax.

As such, they should last for quite some time before needing replacing. Plus, as mentioned above, they are available in an array of bright colors that your toddler will surely enjoy.

So, if you’re looking for crayons that are great for allowing toddlers to express their imagination while also helping to develop their skills, then we highly recommend these Crayola Triangular Crayons!


  • Durable
  • Bright colors
  • Easy to grip


  • Only standard colors

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Lebze Toddlers Washable Non Toxic 12 Color Crayons

We’re sure that all parents will be appreciative of these crayons from Lebze! Designed with an innovative, water-based formula – these crayons are super easy to clean from various fabrics, surfaces and little hands!

These washable crayons are non-toxic and completely safe for toddlers aged between 1-3 to use. They have been made out of a non toxic formula that contains absolutely no lead, phthalates or lead.

Thanks to this, it means that your toddler will be able to use these crayons without experiencing any irritation.

Not only that, but they are also extremely convenient for cleaning up spills and messes on the go. These washable crayons can easily be wiped away using a damp cloth or sponge!

If your little one happens to make an accident, just grab a wet cloth or sponge and the crayon stain will come right off.

Not just that, but made with your convenience in mind – these crayons from Lebze also come complete inside a sturdy and durable box that will allow for easy storage when your toddler isn’t using them.

Lebze has covered all bases! If you’re looking for colorful crayons that aren’t going to make a mess – these are just what you’re looking for.


  • Convenient packaging
  • Safe for children under three years old
  • No need to worry about stains


  • Might be too thick for older kids to hold

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Playbea 18 Colors Jumbo Crayons

If you’re on the hunt for crayons that will be suitable for older toddlers aged between 2-4,  look no further than the Playbea 18 Colors Jumbo Crayons.

Made from 100% wax, these round-shaped crayons are super easy to hold and have been optimized for little hands. This means that even younger children won’t find it difficult to use them.

On top of that, they are also super difficult to break, which means that your toddler will be able to enjoy them for a long time before needing to replace them.

For your complete peace of mind, these crayons are made from a wax formula that contains no toxic ingredients, which means that they pose no risk to delicate skin.

Not only that, but for your complete convenience, these colorful crayons come complete inside a sturdy container that has been made out of sustainable material.

It’s also worth noting that these crayons are a fantastic option for anyone who might be on a budget, but still want to give their toddlers vibrant, high-quality crayons that will provide them with countless hours of fun.

Offering a premium quality at an affordable price point, these jumbo crayons come in a pack of 18, which means that your toddler will be spoiled for choice on color!


  • Easy to grip
  • Non-toxic
  • Great value for money
  • Comes in a reusable package
  • Can be used by children over 3 years old


  • May not be ideal for very young children (under two)

YPLUS Toddlers Peanut Crayons

Next up, we have selected these innovative, peanut style crayons from YPLUS!

Non-toxic and completely safe to use, these crayons from YPLUS feature a fun peanut design that will offer your toddler plenty of grip while they are drawing and coloring.

They have also been made from non-toxic natural synthetic wax that are entirely safe for toddlers aged between 1-4 years old.

These crayons also contain no added dyes or fragrances, so they are perfect for sensitive skin as well.

In addition, the fact that these crayons don’t leave any residue behind is another great benefit, meaning that your child won’t make a mess or smudge while they are using them.

These crayons are also super durable and have been designed with a synthetic technology, which means that these crayons will be able to withstand general wear and tear without becoming damaged.


  • Safe for all ages
  • Durable
  • No added chemicals
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Synthetic Technology
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Only available online

Crayola My First Palm Grip Crayons

Last but certainly not least, we have selected the Crayola My First Palm Grip Crayons. These are a fantastic alternative to traditional-style crayons, and are specifically created to be easier to hold for toddlers.

In a convenient pack of six, these innovative crayons have been carefully designed by Crayola to consist of an egg-shaped design that will be easier for toddlers and young children to grip.

This pack from Crayola also happens to offer you excellent value for money! According to Crayola, each egg-shaped crayon inside this set is the equivalent of 14 regular Crayola crayons.

In other words, your toddler will have hours of fun with these ergonomically shaped crayons before needing to be replaced.

All in all, if you are looking to purchase your toddler their very first crayons, these egg-shaped crayons from Crayola are a great place to start.

This pack also features all primary colors, so your little one will have no trouble creating colorful and eye-catching creations!

All in all, a great option that features a fun and innovative peanut shape design.


  • Ergonomic shape
  • No need to sharpen
  • Ideal for toddlers
  • Available in 6 different colors


  • Some toddlers might not like the shape

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The Best Crayons For Toddler: A Guide To Choosing The Safest Crayons For Your Child

Choosing the best crayons for toddlers isn’t always easy. There are so many different brands available that it can be hard to know which one will work best with your toddler’s age and development level.

However, when looking at the safety of crayons, you need to consider how old your child is as well as what type of crayon he or she prefers.

If you have a young baby, you may not want to use crayons at all because they could pose a choking hazard. But if your child is older, you can start introducing him or her to crayons.

If you do decide to introduce crayons to your toddler, make sure you follow these tips to help ensure his or her safety while using them.

Read The Label

When buying crayons, look closely at the packaging and labels. You’ll notice some manufacturers list the recommended ages for each product.

This means you can buy the right crayons for your little one without having to guess.

By making sure that you are taking the time to check what the minimum age for use is on the label – you will be ensuring that you will be giving your toddler crayons that are designed specifically to be safe for use.

Make Sure You’re Getting Quality Crayons

It can be tempting to go cheap when purchasing crayons for your kid, but this is definitely not something you want to do. When purchasing crayons for toddlers, it is important to remember that they are still developing and learning.

Therefore, you don’t want to give them any products that aren’t going to last long enough for them to learn from.

Be Careful With The Texture Of The Crayons

Another thing that you should be aware of is the texture of the crayons. Some crayons tend to be softer than others, meaning that they are more likely to break apart easily.

As such, it is a good idea to choose ones that are harder and less likely to crumble.

This will help to give you more peace of mind that the crayons you give your child will be safe for them to use, have fun and get creative with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe For Toddlers To Use Crayons?

Yes, crayons are perfectly safe for children to use, although there are some risks that you should be aware of prior to allowing your child/toddler to use them.

Just like with any other toy or game, you should be sure to supervise while your toddler is using their crayons, as they can pose a choking risk.

If you feel uncomfortable letting your child use their crayons, then you may wish to consider investing in watercolors or paint instead.

As a side note, to make sure that your toddler will be as safe as can be while using their crayons, we also strongly recommend that you rake the time to thoroughly check what the minimum age limit is for the crayons you are considering buying.

By doing this, you will be able to guarantee that the crayons you buy will be suitable and safe for your toddler to use.

How Old Does My Toddler Need To Be To Start Coloring With Crayons?

While there is no set rule for how old a toddler should be to begin playing and using crayons, you should be sure to check whether, or not, the crayons you are buying for your toddler are suitable for their current age range. In general, most crayons are suitable for children who are between two and four years old.

However, if you are unsure whether, or not, the crayons you are looking at are suitable for your toddler, then you should always ask the manufacturer for advice on the matter.

What’s The Best Way To Clean Crayons?

If you have a playful toddler, it only makes sense that they might get their toys dirty and messy…and the same goes for their crayons, too!

The good news is that there are many different ways that you can clean crayons. The first thing that you should know about cleaning crayons is that you shouldn’t wash them in the dishwasher.

Doing so could cause the crayons to dry out and crack, which would lead to them breaking down faster.

Instead, you should hand wash your crayons by rinsing them off under running water. You should only do this once, though, because washing crayons too often could damage the color pigments inside them.

Once you have washed your crayons, you can either allow them to air dry or put them back into storage until needed again.

Should Toddlers Be Supervised While Playing With Crayons?

When it comes to toddlers and crayons, you absolutely must ensure that you supervise them while they play. This is because crayons can present a choking hazard for young children.

As mentioned above, if you feel uneasy about letting your child play with crayons, then it is probably better to invest in something else.

Alternatively, you could choose to let your toddler play with crayons but keep an eye on them all the time. This means that you will need to take extra care when putting crayons away after your toddler has finished playing with them.

Make sure that you don’t leave crayons lying around where your toddler could accidentally find them.

Is Crayon Wax Safe For Kids?

Crayon wax isn’t harmful to toddlers, but it can stain clothing and furniture. It’s important to remember that crayon wax is meant to be used on paper, not on fabric or wood surfaces – so make sure that you are trying to keep an eye out for this while your child plays with their crayons.

In addition to this, while this one should absolutely go without saying, your child should, under no circumstances, ingest the crayons that they are playing, drawing and coloring with.