We’ve got a word list to help build vocabulary this season with Christmas words that start with D! With simple descriptions and example sentences, this list is suitable for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Christmas Words That Start With D

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Christmas Words That Start With D

1. December

Description: December is the last month of the year and is known for its cold weather and Christmas celebrations.
Example Sentence: “In December, we decorate our classroom with colorful lights and a Christmas tree.”

2. Decorations

Description: Decorations are items like lights, ornaments, and tinsel that we use to make places look festive for Christmas.
Example Sentence: “We hung shiny decorations on the Christmas tree and it looked very pretty.”

3. Deer

Description: Deer are animals with antlers, and one famous deer is Rudolph, who helps Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.
Example Sentence: “Did you know Santa’s sleigh is pulled by magical deer?”

4. Delight

Description: Delight means great happiness, something that we often feel during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “There was so much delight when we opened our Christmas presents.”

5. Dinner

Description: Dinner is a big meal that families often eat together on Christmas Day.
Example Sentence: “For Christmas dinner, we had yummy turkey and lots of vegetables.”

6. Dolls

Description: Dolls are toys that look like people, and many children wish for them as Christmas gifts. Example Sentence: “I asked Santa for a new doll for Christmas.”

7. Donkey

Description: A donkey is an animal that is often part of nativity scenes, which tell the story of Jesus’ birth.
Example Sentence: “In the Christmas play, we saw a donkey carrying Mary.”

8. Dreidel

Description: A dreidel is a four-sided spinning top used in a game played during Hanukkah, a holiday close to Christmas. While not actually a “Christmas” word, children are likely to see a lot of dreidels at this time of year!
Example Sentence: “My friend showed me how to play with a dreidel during Hanukkah.”

9. Drum

Description: A drum is a musical instrument that you hit with sticks, and it’s often heard in Christmas songs. Example Sentence: “We made music with a drum in our Christmas concert.”

10. Dasher

Description: Dasher is one of Santa’s reindeer, known for being very fast. Example Sentence: “Dasher is one of the reindeer that helps pull Santa’s sleigh.”

11. Dancer

Description: Dancer is another one of Santa’s reindeer, known for its graceful movements. Example Sentence: “Dancer twirled and leaped in front of Santa’s sleigh.”

12. Dance

Description: Dance is moving your body to music, which many people do during Christmas parties. Example Sentence: “We all learned a special dance for the Christmas show.”

13. Dasher

Description: Dasher is one of Santa’s reindeer, known for being very fast.
Example Sentence: “Dasher is one of the reindeer that helps pull Santa’s sleigh.”

14. Dazzling

Description: Dazzling means something is very bright and shiny, like Christmas lights.
Example Sentence: “The Christmas tree was dazzling with all its lights.”

15. Delicious

Description: Delicious means something tastes very good, like Christmas cookies.
Example Sentence: “The gingerbread cookies we made were delicious.”

16. Delight

Description: Delight means great happiness, something that we often feel during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “There was so much delight when we opened our Christmas presents.”

17. Devotion

Description: Devotion is a feeling of strong love or loyalty, often shown during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “We show our devotion by giving gifts to our family and friends.”

18. Devotional

Description: Devotional refers to religious worship or observance, common during the Christmas season.
Example Sentence: “Our class attended a devotional service at the local church.”

19. Dickens

Description: Dickens refers to Charles Dickens, a famous author who wrote ‘A Christmas Carol.’
Example Sentence: “We read a story by Dickens about Christmas.”

20. Divine

Description: Divine means like a god, or very beautiful, often used to describe the Christmas spirit.
Example Sentence: “The choir sang a divine melody at the Christmas concert.”

21. Drinks

Description: Drinks are beverages, and during Christmas, we have special ones like hot cocoa. Example Sentence: “We warmed up with hot drinks after playing in the snow.”

22. Deck

Description: Deck means to decorate, as in ‘deck the halls,’ which means to decorate the halls for Christmas.
Example Sentence: “We helped deck the classroom with boughs of holly.”

23. Deeds

Description: Deeds are actions, and good deeds are often encouraged during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “We did good deeds by helping others during the holiday season.”

24. Deliveries

Description: Deliveries are items brought to a place, like presents from Santa.
Example Sentence: “Santa makes many deliveries on Christmas Eve.”

25. Design

Description: Design means to plan and make something, like Christmas crafts.
Example Sentence: “We used our creativity to design our own Christmas cards.”

26. Desserts

Description: Desserts are sweet foods we eat after a meal, especially at Christmas.
Example Sentence: “We had delicious desserts like pie and cake on Christmas.”

27. Deviled

Description: Deviled refers to a way of preparing food, like deviled eggs, a common dish at Christmas gatherings.
Example Sentence: “My mom made deviled eggs for our Christmas dinner.”

28. Dips

Description: Dips are thick sauces that you put food into before eating, popular at Christmas parties.
Example Sentence: “We made a yummy dip for the Christmas party snacks.”

29. Displays

Description: Displays are arrangements of items for people to look at, like Christmas window displays.
Example Sentence:
“The store had a beautiful Christmas display.”

30. DIY

Description: DIY stands for ‘Do It Yourself,’ like making your own Christmas decorations.
Example Sentence: “We did a DIY project to create our own ornaments.”

31. Doilies

Description: Doilies are small, decorative mats often used in Christmas settings.
Example Sentence: “We placed doilies under the Christmas cookies.”

32. Donate

Description: Donate means to give something to help others, a common practice during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “We donate toys to children in need every Christmas.”

33. Door

Description: A door is the entrance to a building, often decorated with wreaths during Christmas.
Example Sentence:
“We hung a festive wreath on our front door.”

34. Doves

Description: Doves are birds that symbolize peace, often seen in Christmas decorations.
Example Sentence: “We made paper doves to decorate our Christmas tree.”

35. Down

Description: Down refers to soft feathers used in pillows and comforters, cozy for Christmas.
Example Sentence: “We snuggled in our down blankets watching Christmas movies.”

36. Dream

Description: A dream is a wish or hope, often thought about during Christmas.
Example Sentence: “My Christmas dream is to see Santa Claus.”

37. Dressing

Description: Dressing is a mixture of bread and spices, often served with Christmas dinner.
Example Sentence: “Grandma made her special dressing for the turkey.”

38. Duvet

Description: A duvet is a warm blanket, perfect for cold Christmas nights.
Example Sentence: “We got a new duvet as a Christmas gift.”

39. Drape

Description: Drape means to cover or hang, like draping lights around a Christmas tree.
Example Sentence: “We draped the room in twinkling lights.”

40. Destiny

Description: Destiny is a predetermined course of events, often felt during the magical Christmas season.
Example Sentence: “It was our destiny to have the best Christmas ever.”

41. Dulcet

Description: Dulcet means sweet and soothing, often used to describe Christmas music.
Example Sentence: “The dulcet tones of carols filled the air.”

42. Delectable

Description: Delectable means something very delicious, like Christmas treats.
Example Sentence: “The Christmas feast was delectable.”

43. Dusk

Description: Dusk is the time in the evening when it starts to get dark, often when Christmas lights shine brightly.
Example Sentence: “At dusk, we turned on our outdoor Christmas lights.”

44. Dainty

Description: Dainty means delicately small and pretty, like some Christmas ornaments.
Example Sentence: “She hung dainty silver bells on the tree.”

45. Dim

Description: Dim means not bright or clear, like the soft light from Christmas candles.
Example Sentence: “We enjoyed the dim, cozy glow of the fireplace.”

46. Duet

Description: A duet is a performance by two singers or musicians, often heard in Christmas concerts.
Example Sentence: “They sang a beautiful duet of ‘Silent Night’.”

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