We’ve got a word list to help build vocabulary this season with Christmas words that start with I! With simple descriptions and example sentences, this list is suitable for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Christmas Words That Start With i

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Christmas Words That Start With I

1. Ice

Description: Ice is water that has frozen and turned solid. It can be slippery and cold.
Example: “We saw ice on the pond in the park.”

2. Ice-skating

Description: Ice-skating is sliding on ice with special shoes that have blades.
Example: “The children went ice-skating at the outdoor rink.”

3. Icicles

Description: Icicles are long, pointy pieces of ice that hang down from something.
Example: “Look at the icicles hanging from the roof!”

4. Icy

Description: Icy means something is covered in ice and can be very slippery.
Example: “The sidewalk was icy, so we walked carefully.”

5. Idea

Description: An idea is a thought or plan about what to do.
Example: “I have an idea! Let’s make Christmas cards.”

6. Ideal

Description: Ideal means something is just right or perfect.
Example: “A snowy day is ideal for building a snowman.”

7. Illuminate

Description: To illuminate means to light something up.
Example: “The Christmas lights illuminate our house.”

8. Imagination

Description: Imagination is when you think of creative and fun ideas.
Example: “Use your imagination to draw a picture of Santa’s workshop.”

9. Imaginary

Description: Imaginary things are not real but are fun to think about.
Example: “At the Christmas party, we played a game where we rode on imaginary reindeer.”

10. Immaculate

Description: Immaculate means something is very clean or perfect.
Example: “The snow looked immaculate before we started playing in it.”

11. Immaculately

Description: Doing something immaculately means doing it very neatly and cleanly.
Example: “She immaculately arranged the ornaments on the tree.”

12. Immanuel

Description: Immanuel is a name that means ‘God with us.’
Example: “At Christmas, we remember the story of Immanuel.”

13. Impatient

Description: Being impatient means you don’t like waiting.
Example: “The kids were impatient to open their Christmas presents.”

14. Impressive

Description: Something impressive is really good or amazing.
Example: “The Christmas play was impressive; everyone did great!”

15. Impulsive

Description: Being impulsive means doing things suddenly without thinking first.
Example: “He made an impulsive decision to buy more Christmas candy.”

16. Incarnation

Description: Incarnation is a big word that means someone takes on a physical form.
Example: “Christmas celebrates the incarnation of Jesus.”

17. Incense

Description: Incense is something that smells nice when you burn it.
Example: “We smelled the sweet incense at the Christmas service.”

18. Indestructible

Description: Indestructible means something can’t be broken.
Example: “The toy was indestructible, even after lots of play.”

19. Indigestion

Description: Indigestion is a tummy ache from eating too much.
Example: “After eating lots of holiday treats, I had indigestion.”

20. Indulgent

Description: Being indulgent means you let yourself enjoy something a lot.
Example: “It’s okay to be indulgent and have an extra cookie.”

21. Indulging

Description: Indulging is when you let yourself enjoy something.
Example: “We are indulging in hot cocoa after playing in the snow.”

22. Infant

Description: An infant is a baby.
Example: “The infant Jesus is often shown in a manger at Christmas.”

23. Infinity

Description: Infinity means something that goes on forever.
Example: “The Christmas lights seemed to stretch to infinity, twinkling as far as we could see.”

24. Informal

Description: Informal means relaxed and casual.
Example: “We had an informal Christmas party with our friends.”

25. Ink

Description: Ink is what we use to write or draw.
Example: “We used red and green ink to write our Christmas cards.”

26. Inn

Description: An inn is a place where travelers can stay.
Example: “Mary and Joseph stayed in an inn in Bethlehem.”

27. Innkeeper

Description: An innkeeper is someone who looks after an inn.
Example: “The innkeeper in the Christmas story had no room left.”

28. Innocent

Description: Innocent means not knowing about bad things.
Example: “The innocent child believed in the magic of Christmas.”

29. Inseparable

Description: Inseparable means always together.
Example: “The two friends were inseparable during the holiday season.”

30. Inspiration

Description: Inspiration is a great idea that comes to you.
Example: “The snowy landscape was an inspiration for our Christmas painting.”

31. Intense

Description: Intense means very strong or extreme.
Example: “The excitement for Santa’s visit was intense.”

32. Intertwined

Description: Intertwined means twisted together.
Example: “We intertwined the garlands around the banister.”

33. Intimate

Description: Intimate means close and personal.
Example: “We had an intimate family gathering on Christmas Eve.”

34. Invitation

Description: An invitation is when you ask someone to come to an event.
Example: “We sent out invitations for our Christmas party.”

35. Invitations

Description: Invitations are multiple requests for people to come to an event.
Example: “We made handmade invitations for the Christmas concert.”

36. Involvement

Description: Involvement means being part of something.
Example: “Everyone’s involvement made the Christmas play a success.”

37. Iridescent

Description: Iridescent means shining with many colors.
Example: “The iridescent ornaments sparkled on the tree.”

38. Irrepressibly

Description: Irrepressibly means you can’t be held back or stopped.
Example: “Her irrepressibly joyful spirit brightened the holiday season.”

39. Irresistibly

Description: Irresistibly means so good that you can’t resist it.
Example: “The smell of fresh cookies was irresistibly tempting.”

40. Itemize

Description: To itemize means to make a list of things.
Example: “We itemized all the gifts we needed to buy.”

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