We’ve got a word list to help build vocabulary this season with Christmas words that start with K! With simple descriptions and example sentences, this list is suitable for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.

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Christmas Words That Start With K

1. Kaleidoscope

Description: A toy that shows changing patterns of colors, like Christmas lights.
Example: “The Christmas tree lights looked like a beautiful kaleidoscope.”

2. Keepsake

Description: A special item that helps you remember a happy time, like a Christmas ornament.
Example: “I hung my favorite keepsake ornament on the tree.”

3. Kettle

Description: A pot used to boil water, often for making hot cocoa during Christmas.
Example: “Mom filled the kettle to make hot chocolate for us.”

4. Kings Cake

Description: A special cake eaten during Christmas time, often decorated with colorful icing.
Example: “We shared a delicious Kings Cake at our Christmas party.”

5. Kind

Description: Being nice and caring to others, just like how we should be at Christmas.
Example: “It’s kind to share your toys with friends during Christmas.”

6. Kindle

Description: Starting a fire, like lighting up the fireplace on a cold Christmas evening.
Example: “Dad kindled a warm fire on Christmas night.”

7. Kindred

Description: Your family members who you love to spend Christmas with.
Example: “I enjoy opening presents with my kindred on Christmas morning.”

8. Kin

Description: Your relatives or family members.
Example: “We visited our kin for a big Christmas dinner.”

9. Kiss

Description: A way to show love, often given under the mistletoe at Christmas.
Example: “Mom and Dad shared a kiss under the mistletoe.”

10. Kitsch

Description: Things that are flashy or showy, like some Christmas decorations.
Example: “The Christmas market was full of colorful kitsch.”

11. Kitchen

Description: A room where we cook.
Example: “Grandma is baking cookies in the kitchen.”

12. Kith

Description: Kith means friends or acquaintances, and Christmas is a time to celebrate with them.
Example Sentence: “We invited all our kith and kin for a festive Christmas dinner.”

13. Kit

Description: A set of things, like a Christmas craft kit.
Example: “We used a kit to make our own Christmas decorations.”

14. Knack

Description: A special skill, like being good at wrapping Christmas presents.
Example: “My sister has a knack for decorating Christmas trees.”

15. Knead

Description: To press and stretch dough, like when making Christmas cookies.
Example: “We knead the dough to make gingerbread men.”

16. Kneel

Description: To go down on your knees, sometimes done in church at Christmas.
Example: “We kneel to pray in church on Christmas Eve.”

17. Knife

Description: A tool used for cutting, like slicing Christmas cake.
Example: “Dad used a knife to cut the Christmas turkey.”

18. Knit

Description: Making things like scarves or sweaters with yarn.
Example: “Grandma knit me a warm hat for Christmas.”

19. Krampus

Description: A mythical creature from stories, associated with Christmas in some cultures.
Example: “In the story, Krampus visits naughty children at Christmas.”

20. Knot

Description: A tight loop, like tying a bow on a Christmas gift.
Example: “I tied a knot on the ribbon of the present.”

21. Kris Kringle

Description: Another name for Santa Claus.
Example: “Kris Kringle brings presents to children on Christmas.”

22. Knowledge

Description: What you know or learn, like Christmas traditions.
Example: “I gained knowledge about Christmas customs from around the world.”

23. Knell

Description: The sound of a bell, often heard at Christmas time.
Example: “The church bell’s knell reminded us of Christmas Eve.”

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