We’ve got a word list to help build vocabulary this season with Christmas words that start with T! With simple descriptions and example sentences, this list is suitable for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.


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Christmas Words That Start With T

1. Tree

A Christmas tree is a special tree that we decorate during the Christmas season. It’s often a pine or fir tree and is adorned with lights, ornaments, and sometimes a star on top.

Example sentence: “Look at our beautiful Christmas tree, it’s shining with colorful lights!”

2. Tinsel

Tinsel is a type of shiny decoration that we hang on the Christmas tree. It looks like long, thin strips of sparkling material.

Example sentence: “We draped silver tinsel over the branches of our tree, and it looks like twinkling stars.”

3. Toys

Toys are fun playthings that Santa Claus brings for children on Christmas. They can be dolls, cars, puzzles, or any fun item that children love to play with.

Example sentence: “On Christmas morning, I found lots of toys under the tree from Santa!”

4. Turkey

Turkey is a big bird that many families cook and eat for their Christmas dinner. It’s a special meal shared with family and friends.

Example sentence: “We all sat around the table to enjoy a delicious turkey for our Christmas dinner.”

5. Toboggan

A toboggan is a type of sled that we use to slide down snowy hills. It’s a fun winter activity during the Christmas season.

Example sentence: “We rode our toboggan down the snowy hill, laughing all the way!”

6. Twinkle

Twinkle means a gentle, shining light, like the lights on a Christmas tree or the stars in the night sky.

Example sentence: “The twinkle of the Christmas lights made our house look magical.”

7. Tradition

Tradition is something special that families or people do every Christmas. It can be singing carols, decorating the tree, or opening gifts.

Example sentence: “Our Christmas tradition is to bake cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.”

8. Tidings

Tidings, especially in the phrase “tidings of joy,” refers to the happy news or messages shared during Christmas.

Example sentence: “We sing carols to spread tidings of joy and peace during Christmas.”

9. Tundra

Tundra is a cold, snowy place, much like where Santa Claus lives at the North Pole.

Example sentence: “Santa’s home is in the tundra, where it’s snowy and white.”

10. Treats

Treats are special yummy snacks or sweets that we enjoy during Christmas, like cookies, candy canes, and gingerbread.

Example sentence: “We made delicious treats to share with our friends at the Christmas party.”

11. Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night is a holiday that comes twelve days after Christmas. It marks the end of the Christmas season and is a time for celebration.

Example sentence:“On Twelfth Night, we have a special party to say goodbye to Christmas.”

12. Tartan

Tartan is a pattern made with criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors. It’s often seen in Christmas decorations and clothing.

Example sentence: “I wore my tartan dress for the Christmas concert.”

13. Tidbit

A tidbit is a small piece of tasty food, often eaten as a snack during Christmas gatherings.

Example sentence:“Grandma made delicious tidbits for us to snack on while we opened gifts.”

14. Tinkling

Tinkling is the light, ringing sound that bells make, like the jingle bells on Santa’s sleigh.

Example sentence: “We heard the tinkling of bells when Santa’s sleigh landed on our roof!”

15. Turtledove

A turtledove is a type of bird that is often mentioned in Christmas songs and represents love and friendship.

Example sentence: “In the song, ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, my true love sent to me two turtledoves.”

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16. Table

Description: A piece of furniture with a flat top and legs, where families gather to eat or celebrate.

Example sentence: “We decorated the Christmas table with a bright red cloth and candles.”

17. Tasty

Description: Something that tastes good, often used to describe delicious Christmas treats.

Example sentence: “The gingerbread cookies are so tasty, I want another one!”

18. Tenderness

Description: A gentle and loving feeling, often shown during Christmas time.

Example sentence: “Mom showed tenderness by hugging me tightly when I gave her my handmade card.”

19. Thankful

Description: Feeling grateful for what you have, a common feeling during the holiday season.

Example sentence: “I am thankful for my family and the yummy food on Christmas.”

20. Thoughtful

Description: Considering the needs or feelings of others; often shown in gift-giving.

Example sentence: “It was thoughtful of you to make a Christmas card for your friend.”

21. Tradition

Description: A custom or belief that is passed down through families or cultures, especially during holidays.

Example sentence: “Our Christmas tradition is to open one present on Christmas Eve.”

22. Tranquil

Description: Quiet and peaceful, like a silent winter night.

Example sentence: “The snow made the night look so tranquil and calm.”

23. Travel

Description: To go from one place to another, often to visit family during Christmas. Example: “We will travel to grandma’s house for Christmas this year.”

24. Trimming

Description: Decorations added to something, like a Christmas tree.

Example sentence: “We spent the evening trimming the tree with ornaments and lights.”

25. Trip

Description: A journey or excursion, often for fun or celebration.

Example sentence: “Our trip to see the Christmas lights downtown was exciting!”

26. Trumpet

Description: A brass musical instrument often heard in Christmas music.

Example sentence: “The band played Christmas songs with a loud trumpet.”

27. Toffee

Description: A type of hard candy, often enjoyed during the holidays.

Example sentence: “Grandpa made his special toffee for our Christmas treat.”

28. Tannenbaum

Description: Another word for Christmas tree, from the German language.

Example sentence: “We sang ‘O Tannenbaum’ while decorating the tree.”

29. Tassel

Description: A hanging decoration made of threads, used on Christmas ornaments.

Example sentence: “The shiny tassel on the ornament twinkled in the light.”

30. Topper

Description: The decoration placed on the very top of a Christmas tree.

Example sentence: “This year, our tree topper is a sparkling star.”

31. Twirl

Description: To spin around, like dancing or playing in the snow.

Example sentence: “We love to twirl around in our Christmas dresses.”

While you’re building vocabulary, also be sure to get our Christmas rhyming matchups freebie!

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