We’ve got a word list to help build vocabulary this season with Christmas words that start with V! With simple descriptions and example sentences, this list is suitable for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Christmas Words That Start With V

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Christmas Words That Start With V

1. Vacation

Description: A long break to relax and enjoy.
Example: “We’re going on a Christmas vacation to grandma’s house!”

2. Vacuum

Description: A machine that cleans the floor.
Example: “After we decorate, we’ll use the vacuum to clean up the glitter.”

3. Vain

Description: When someone thinks a lot about how they look.
Example: “During the Christmas play, the vain king boasted about his sparkling crown more than the holiday spirit.”

4. Valet

Description: Someone who parks cars for you.
Example: “At the big Christmas party, a valet parked our car.”

5. Valuable

Description: Something that is very important or worth a lot.
Example: “The handmade ornament from my friend is the most valuable decoration on our Christmas tree.”

6. Values

Description: Things that are important to us.
Example: “Sharing and caring are values we remember during Christmas.”

7. Van

Description: A big car that can carry many people or things.
Example: “We packed all the Christmas presents in the van to take to our family.”

8. Vanilla

Description: A sweet flavor used in cookies and cakes.
Example: “We baked vanilla cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.”

9. Various

Description: Many different kinds.
Example: “We sang various Christmas carols at school.”

10. Vase

Description: A container for holding flowers.
Example: “Mom put the red and green Christmas flowers in a big vase.”

11. Vegan

Description: Eating food that doesn’t come from animals.
Example: “Auntie made a special vegan pie for Christmas dinner.”

12. Velvet

Description: A soft and smooth fabric.
Example: “Santa’s suit is made of red velvet.”

13. Vest

Description: A sleeveless top that you wear over a shirt.
Example: “Dad wore his festive vest with reindeers on it for Christmas.”

14. Vibe

Description: The feeling or mood of a place.
Example: “The Christmas vibe in our classroom is cozy and happy.”

15. Vibrant

Description: Bright and full of energy.
Example: “The vibrant Christmas lights twinkled in the night.”

16. Victory

Description: Winning or being successful.
Example: “We felt a sense of victory when we finished building the gingerbread house.”

17. View

Description: What you can see from a place.
Example: “The view of the snowy town from our window was like a Christmas card.”

18. Violin

Description: A musical instrument with strings.
Example: “The violin played beautiful Christmas music at the concert.”

19. Virgin Mary

Description: Mother of Jesus, a central figure in the Christmas story.
Example: “In our Christmas play, I was the Virgin Mary.”

20. Virtue

Description: Good qualities or behavior.
Example: “Kindness is a virtue we practice during Christmas.”

21. Visitor

Description: Someone who comes to see you.
Example: “We had a special visitor on Christmas Eve – Santa!”

22. Visual

Description: Something you can see.
Example: “The visual display of Christmas lights at the mall was stunning.”

23. Vivid

Description: Very bright and colorful.
Example: “The vivid red and green of the Christmas wreath caught everyone’s attention.”

24. Vixen

Description: One of Santa’s reindeer.
Example: “Vixen is one of the reindeer that helps pull Santa’s sleigh.”

25. Vocalists

Description: People who sing.
Example: “The vocalists sang our favorite Christmas songs at the concert.”

26. Voices

Description: The sounds we make when we talk or sing.
Example: “We heard voices singing Christmas carols outside.”

27. Volunteer

Description: Someone who helps others without being paid.
Example: “We volunteer to help wrap presents at the Christmas charity event.”

28. Vow

Description: A promise.
Example: “I made a vow to be extra good until Christmas.”

29. Village

Description: A small town or a group of houses.
Example: “We set up a miniature Christmas village with tiny houses and trees.”

30. Vigil

Description: Staying awake to watch or pray.
Example: “Our family held a Christmas Eve vigil with candles.”

31. Vision

Description: Something you imagine or dream.
Example: “I had a vision of a white Christmas with lots of snow.”

32. Voyage

Description: A long trip.
Example: “Santa’s voyage around the world happens every Christmas Eve.”

33. Vigor

Description: Full of energy.
Example: “We decorated the Christmas tree with vigor and excitement.”

34. Vocal

Description: Related to singing or speaking.
Example: “Our vocal performance of ‘Jingle Bells’ was a hit at the Christmas show.”

35. Vintage

Description: Something old but valuable.
Example: “Grandma showed us her vintage Christmas ornaments.”

36. Vigilant

Description: Being very careful and watchful.
Example: “We were vigilant on Christmas Eve, hoping to see Santa.”

37. Vista

Description: A beautiful view.
Example: “The vista of the snow-covered hills was perfect for our Christmas card.”

38. Valor

Description: Being brave and courageous.
Example: “The story of Santa’s valor in delivering presents in a storm was inspiring.”

39. Vespers

Description: Evening prayers or services.
Example: “We attended Christmas vespers at our church.”

40. Velvetine

Description: Something soft like velvet.
Example: “Our velvetine stockings were hung by the fireplace with care.”

41. Veranda

Description: A porch or balcony.
Example: “We decorated the veranda with lights and wreaths for Christmas.”

42. Verses

Description: Lines in a song or poem.
Example: “We learned new verses of a Christmas carol in class.”

43. Vessel

Description: Something that holds or carries.
Example: “The vessel was filled with delicious Christmas punch.”

44. Vivacity

Description: Being lively and spirited.
Example: “The vivacity of the Christmas party made everyone smile.”

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