Color mixing with kids is a great way to add STEM to your busy learning days! Be inspired to get messy with these color mixing activities for kids perfect for any time of the year!


10 Color Mixing Activities for Kids

Do you remember mixing colors when you were a child? What an amazing, hands-on lesson for preschoolers! This year, try some of these fun activities.

Sneak in learning with this set of activities from some of our favorite sites. Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite color mixing activities

Montessori Rainbow Activities | Trillium Montessori – Rainbows are truly magical! Start with these Montessori rainbow activities in your classroom or home. You’ll need a few materials, so please be sure to check out the full post for details.

Rainbow Candy Science Experiment | Fun With Mama -Yum! Use that left over candy for the sake of science! Your kids are going to love watching their favorite candy transform and mix!

Color Mixing With Ice | Life Over C’s – I love this idea! Ice is a great sensory materials for your preschoolers. There are so many wonderful attributes to help learn about color mixing with kids!

Rainbow Slime | Little Bins for Little Hands – Oh wow! This is SUCH an inviting activity for your creative kids. You’ll need a couple school materials for this fun rainbow themed slime.

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Rainbow Spin Mixing | Babble Dabble Do – Do you have an extra salad spinner at home? Repurpose it for the sake of art and science!

Color Mixing Sensory Bottle | Preschool Inspirations – Sensory bottles are a wonderful way to help kids learn as how colors mix while they calm themselves.

Walking Rainbow STEAM Activity | Schooling a Monkey – This is a classic science experiment that will amazing and thrill your kids. This is a great kitchen science activity too!

Color Mixing Mystery | No Time for Flashcards – Try this messy color mixing experiment with your kids. You’ll need a couple materials from your kitchen to make this experiment a success.

Create and Name Your Own Colors | Buggy and Buddy – Have you tried teaching simple coding skills to your preschoolers? This is a simple and fun activity you can set up in minutes.

Color Mixing with Bubble Wrap | Teach Beside Me – YAY! Everyone loves process art with bubble wrap! Grab a couple extra pieces of bubble wrap and paint to make this activity a huge hit.

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Color mixing and rainbow activities for preschoolers and kindergarteners