How To Introduce A Fire Safety Theme

Fire Safety- such an important topic and yet one that needs to be approached carefully and thoughtfully so as to not scare children needlessly. While the chances of a child having to deal with a fire at home or school is pretty slim- it’s so important to give children a good grounding in fire safety knowledge so that they are prepared if they ever do find themselves in a fiery situation.

This is our favorite song about fire safety and what we loved using to kick off the theme!


Books About Fire Safety | Fantastic Fun and Learning – This is a wonderful list of books about firefighters and fire safety. One of the easiest ways to help ease into difficult topics is with books and these ones are sure to help make the idea of fire safety a bit more relatable to your students.

Fire Safety Activities | KC Edventures – Not only are there more fire safety books here, but there are practical activities for helping your children or students make fire escape plans- including doing a mock fire drill with a dollhouse or playset! What a fabulous way to make a potentially scary activity super kid friendly.

Fire Safety Lesson | Fantastic Fun and Learning – Learn five important things to teach children about fire safety AND some hands on, memorable ways to reinforce these concepts- such as having children play-act ‘stop, drop and roll’.

Living Montessori Now has some great ways to help you teach these concepts here.


Homemade Cards for Firefighters | B-Inspired Mama – This gorgeous fire-themed thank you card art project is the perfect craft to have your students make for the firefighters who help your local community or the ones who do fire-safety presentations at your school.

Hands-On Kids Activities club member, Theresa, shared these activities from some of the club resources this month!

Montessori Fire Safety | Trillium Montessori – These Montessori-inspired fire safety activities include nomenclature for firefighting equipment; colour recognition; sorting categories and other early language works. These activities are a wonderful expansion to any fire safety unit.

Teach Proper Fire Safety | Mama Instincts – Sparky the Fire Dog features in a series of child-friendly apps and videos to help children (and parents and teachers) understand the importance of fire safety using (and best of all- all the apps are free and there are no in-app purchases!)

Build Your Own Firetruck | Coupon Cutting Mom – Each year Lowe’s offers free to build clinics for children and usually in late September have a special fire safety project! Call your local store to find out the exact dates for this special firetruck construction project!

Add a little fire-y theme to your playdough center (from Pre-K Pages)


Firefighter Themed Games | How Wee Learn – Find several great ideas for firefighter themed games- perfect for a firefighter birthday party or a class fun day!

Practice gluing skills with this great craft from @mrsplemonskindergarten!

Acts of Kindness for Community Caregivers | B-Inspired Mama – First responders such as firefighters have really hard jobs- something that is obvious but often overlooked. These simple projects are a meaningful and lovely way for your students and children to show their appreciation for their local firefighters and to help foster a sense of kindness and community care.

We love this DIY fire station with fire fighter peg dolls from Recycle and Play!


Community Helpers | Planning Play Time – There are many community helper printable games out there but this roll a dice, put out a fire one is adorable and a perfect game for a young student to do solo or with a friend!

Set up your dramatic play area with a DIY cardboard box firetruck, some firefighter hats, colored tissue, and a little creativity!



Exploring A Firetruck and Fire Station | Blippi  The most popular YouTuber for small kids has done it again with a long video exploring firetrucks and a firehall.

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