Not sure what to do with worms? Enjoy these posts on rhyming, counting and learning about the life cycles of these fascinating creatures that teach us about our great big world.

Worms Language Activities

Worms Rhyming Matchups | Preschool Activities Nook: Your children will love practicing rhymes with this garden and worm themed matching game. Comes with 20 apple mats and 20 wormy apple cards.

Worms Math Activities

Counting Worms | Fantastic Fun and Learning: Count worms using this easy to make math sensory bin. All you need is a pan, dry beans and of course, worms! (Not real ones!)

Worms Playdough Mats | PreKinders: Make worms out of Playdough and teach your kids to count them on these fun, colorful mats!

Worms Fine Motor Activities

Pipecleaner Worms | Love Laughter & Learning in Prep: Develop fine motor skills as kids pick up worms and put them in a cup.

Feed the Birds | Learning 4 Kids: Feed the birds with little worms made out of yarn. Simply cut a piece of yarn into little “worm sized” pieces and have your children feed them to the birds with tweezers.

Worms Craft Activities

Wriggly Worm Painting | our Whimsical Days: Create your own Jackson Pollack painting by dipping yarn “worms” in paint and dragging them across paper!

Worms Sensory and Dramatic Play

Worm Sensory Tub | JustMontessori (You have to have a log in to do this)

Dig for Worms | Growing a Jeweled Rose: Toss some leftover cooked spaghetti in a bin of dirt and let your kids dig for them. It’s amazing how much pasta can resemble our creepy crawly friends!

Wormy Snack!

Jello Worms | Instructables

Worms Science/STEM Activities

What Do Worms Need | This Practical Life: See which type of food REAL WORMS prefer in this cool exercise. Do they prefer damp dirt or dry? Find out!

More Resources for a Preschool Worm Theme

Kindergarten Worms Unit | The Usual Mayhem: Lots of fun activities in this blog especially learning about adjectives and adverbs while learning all about worms!
How to Make a Wormery | NurtureStore: Build your own wormery – it’s easier than you think. Check this out!
Superworm Book and Activities | Growing Book by Book: In this blog there are activities, book recommendations and even a worm dessert!
Earthworm Study | Pinay Homeschooler:  Did you know a baby worms are a half inch long when born? Click here to learn about the life cycle of the worm.

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