Aren’t penguins adorable? They are also fascinating animals to study. Explore these fun penguin activities for preschoolers this winter!

Preschool Penguins Theme

Winter is a great time to introduce and explore penguins. Although most of us have not seen penguins in the wild, they are a fascinating animal to study and are perfect for inspiring young biologists!  Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite penguin learning activities!

Free Penguins and Fish Counting Cards | Preschool Activities Nook
Make sure you grab these for your math centers!  We love using these with goldfish crackers!

Egg Carton Penguins | Once Little Project – What a great idea! Use recycled materials to create this fun penguin craft. It’s an amazing creative project for your child this winter. You have most materials already in your craft stash.

Emperor Penguin’s Life Cycle | U.S. Government’s Arctic Program – I can’t believe this high quality poster is free! Grab your copy for your penguin unit and use it as a way to study the life cycle of one of the most famous penguin species.

Penguin Activities | Gift of Curiosity – Use mini penguin figurines in your math learning this winter. You may create a tray to leave these activities on your winter shelves for a fun penguin counting theme. Or try asking your child to pretend they are a penguin taking care of their precious egg through the long winter.

Paper Plate Penguins | @Kindergarten_chaos


How Do Penguins Stay Dry? | Raising Little Superheroes –  What a great way to explore the features of penguins! This science experiment is simple to setup and easy for little learns complete.

Winter Animal Printable Number Play Dough Mats | Natural Beach Living – This is a fun way to practice number recognition this winter! Print and laminate to use these cards over and over this winter in your penguin themed unit.

They are also fascinating animals to study. Use this set of amazing blog posts to create a penguin unit this winter for your kids.

Penguin Animal Study | A Dab of Glue Will Do – This is an AMAZING resource for your penguin learning unit. This printable unit includes penguin facts, games, and writing prompts.

Antarctica: Penguins | Trillium Montessori – Create a hands-on learning experience for your child this winter with a great printables and penguin learning trays. This post also has a great list of penguin books!

Penguin Measurement | @mrsreidsroom


Penguin Snack | Fantastic Fun and Learning – Every good learning unit includes a snack! This fun penguin themed snack is healthy and perfect for your preschooler. Ask them to help prepare this fun, winter treat!

Build a Penguin Wonder World | Parents by Adventure in a Box – I love this idea! Help your child make a wonderful winter world that features DIY penguins. It’s a great way to introduce new penguin terms to your child while you study all about penguins.

Penguin Trackers | National Geographic – Track your favorite penguins with this interactive app! What a great way to learn more about penguins in their natural habitat.

Use this set of amazing blog posts to create a penguin unit this winter for your kids


Walk Like a Penguin | @Christfellowshipacademy

Penguin Life Cycle Printable | Trillium Montessori

Penguin Collage |  @letsplaylearngrow

Penguin Shapes | @letsplaylearngrow

Learn About Penguins


Fun Penguin Facts for Little Learners

Penguins are not just adorable; they are full of interesting quirks that can spark curiosity and wonder in your preschool classroom. Let’s explore some fun penguin facts that are perfect for preschoolers:

  1. Dressed in Tuxedos: One of the first things children notice about penguins is that they look like they’re wearing tuxedos! This black and white coloring is called ‘countershading’ and it helps them stay safe in the water. When predators look up, their white bellies blend with the bright surface. When predators look down, their dark backs blend with the deep, dark ocean.
  2. Super Swimmers: Penguins are amazing swimmers. They can’t fly in the air, but they sure can ‘fly’ underwater! Some penguins can swim as fast as 22 miles per hour.
  3. Chatty Birds: Penguins are very social and love to ‘talk’ to each other. They make lots of different sounds to communicate, and each penguin has a unique voice, just like people do!
  4. Diverse Family: There are about 18 different species of penguins, and they live in various places. While many live in cold Antarctica, some prefer warmer climates like New Zealand, South Africa, and even some islands near the equator! Check out this penguin identification resource on TpT.
  5. Excellent Parents: Penguins are great at parenting. Both mom and dad penguins take turns keeping their eggs warm in a special pouch above their feet. They also take turns feeding and protecting their babies.
  6. Tasty Diet: What do penguins eat? Mostly fish, squid, and tiny shrimp-like animals called krill. They can dive deep into the ocean to catch their food. Some penguins can hold their breath for up to 20 minutes while they hunt!
  7. Built for the Cold: Penguins have a special layer of fat called blubber to keep them warm, and their feathers are waterproof. This is like having a built-in winter coat and raincoat all in one!
  8. Waddle Walk: Penguins waddle when they walk. This might look funny, but it helps them keep balance, especially on slippery ice.
  9. Tallest and Smallest: The Emperor Penguin is the tallest of all, standing nearly as tall as a six-year-old child, while the Little Blue Penguin is the smallest, not much bigger than a ruler!
  10. Penguin Huddles: When it gets really cold, penguins huddle together to stay warm. This shows how teamwork can help everyone!

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