Are you searching for creative and educational preschool activities to accompany Jan Brett’s delightful book, “The Mitten”?

“The Mitten” is a charming story that captures the imagination of young children. In this winter tale, a lost mitten becomes a refuge for various animals, leading to a whimsical and unexpected adventure. The themes of sharing, animal recognition, and storytelling offer abundant educational opportunities for preschoolers.

Activity 1: Story Sequencing

Create story sequence cards featuring scenes from “The Mitten.” Ask children to arrange them in the order they appear in the book. This activity helps with understanding story structure and sequence.

Activity 2: Animal Habitat Exploration

Explore animal habitats through an interactive activity. Discuss where each animal in the story might live and what makes each habitat unique, enhancing their knowledge of animals and environments.

Activity 3: Mitten Measurement

Introduce basic measurement concepts by measuring different objects in the classroom with mittens. Count how many mittens long each item is, incorporating math skills into the theme.

Activity 4: Sensory Snow Exploration

Create a sensory bin with artificial snow and miniatures of the animals from the book. Allow children to reenact the story, fostering imaginative play and sensory exploration.

Activity 5: Animal Yoga

Incorporate movement with animal-themed yoga poses. Each pose can represent an animal from the book, encouraging physical activity and body awareness.

Activity 6: Mitten Matching Game

Develop cognitive skills with a mitten matching game. Use pairs of mittens with different patterns and have the children find the matching pairs.

Activity 7: Sing-Along Story

Convert the story into a simple song or rhyme. This musical activity aids in memory and language development, making story retention fun and engaging.

Activity 8: Animal Sounds Game

Play a game where children match the sounds to the correct animals from the book. This auditory activity enhances listening skills and animal recognition.

Activity 9: Winter Weather Chart

Create a chart to track the winter weather. Use symbols or drawings to represent different weather conditions, integrating science and observation skills.

Activity 10: Mitten Art Collage

Encourage creativity with a mitten-themed art project. Children can create a collage using different textures and materials, expressing their artistic talents while reinforcing the story’s theme.


Below are more hands-on preschool activities to go with The Mitten

Free Mitten Shape Matching Cards | Preschool Activities Nook
Get this free printable for your younger students to learn about shapes and work on some visual discrimination skills.

Winter Count and Clip Cards | Fun With Mama – Clip cards are a great addition to your math shelves this winter. This set has fun mittens on them too to make them the perfect addition to your The Mitten themed learning.

Mitten Matching Activities | Life Over C’s – Preschoolers love matching games! Print and laminate this fun mitten themed matching game to use this in your classroom or homeschool year after year.

The Mitten Phonological Awareness Activities | Trillium Montessori – We love this printable set… perfect for your literacy shelves this winter. Add in phonemic awareness to your learning to help expand your preschoolers’ vocabulary and reading ability.

Crayon Resist Mitten Garland | Crafty Morning –  We just love resist art! You’ll need a couple materials from your craft stash to be able to create this beautiful mitten garland idea with your students.

Mystery Mitten Letter Sound Game | Growing Book by Book – This is another quick and fun phonemic awareness game you can do with your preschool this winter. It’s simple to set up and a great way to practice letter sounds in your winter learning unit.

The Mitten Activities for preschoolers to your winter learning time with a list of ideas for fine motor work, art projects, and learning idea.

Jan Brett Inspired Winter Art Activity | The Artful Parent – Here’s another great art idea for your preschoolers who love The Mitten. Ask your child to help draw a mitten the size of their hand then use the mess free suggestion to paint their mitten!

Lacing Mittens Craft | Frugal Fun 4 Boys – Lacing is a simple and easy fine motor activity for preschoolers. This year, create your own lacing activity with mitten shaped cardboard pieces.

Mitten Letter Matching on a Clothesline | Mom Inspired Life – Beautiful! There are so many learning benefits to this fun letter matching activity. Adapt for name recognition or alphabetical order!

The Mitten Story Stone Activities | Fun-A-Day – Story telling is a wonderful skill to teach preschoolers! These story stones are inviting and a great way to encourage students to listen to the The Mitten during reading time.

Sew a Mitten | The Jenny Evolution – Sewing is a life skill that is perfect for preschoolers! We love how easy this activity is to set up and you’ll need just a couple materials from your craft stash.

Need a full set of lesson plans for The Mitten preschool activities?

Check out this awesome resource from Preschool Teacher 101


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We would love to hear from you! What are your favorite The Mitten Activities for Preschoolers?