Kids love studying animals! The changing seasons offer so many opportunities for hands-on exploration of the animal kingdom. In this post, you’ll find a collection of fun and educational animals in winter preschool activities to try with your class or homeschool kids.

Animals in Winter Preschool Activities

1. Understanding Hibernation

Introduce your preschoolers to the concept of hibernation. Which animals sleep through the winter, and which ones stay active? Sort and categorize them for a fun learning experience.


2. Animal Survival Tactics

What else do animals do to survive the colder months?  Learn about how animals adapt, migrate, or hibernate!


3. Animal Sorting Cards

Who does what? Sort pictures of animals that adapt, hibernate, or migrate. These cards are from the Hands-On Kids Activities Club.

4. Animal Adaptation Cards

Explore how animals change their behaviors and appearances to survive the winter months. These cards are from the Hands-On Kids Activities Club.


5. Winter Animal Tracks

Winter is a great time to explore animal tracks!  We love them all year round, but animal tracks are easy to see in fresh snow! These cards are from the Hands-On Kids Activities Club.

6. Animal Matching

Explore animals and match to animal models.  These cards are from the Hands-On Kids Activities Club.

7. Animals in Winter and their Homes

We love this activity for matching animals with their respective homes during the winter. These images show the different places of where the animals live. These cards are from the Hands-On Kids Activities Club.

More Animals in Winter Preschool Activities

Check out some of our favorite sites for more resources to help you round out your Animals in Winter unit.

Observing Nature in Winter | Preschool Inspirations – This is an amazing list to help your children observe animals in their natural habitat this winter. Explore nature with all five sense as children listen, see, and explore winter animals.

Animals in Winter | Trillium Montessori –  Explore winter animals as children read and create hibernation environments for bears. Children will also learn more about winter animal foot prints and migrating birds!

How Animals Stay Warm | Gift of Curiosity – I LOVE this hands on way to learn about blubber! Animals use blubber to stay warm in arctic waters. Use this experiment to help learn how blubber insulates winter animals to keep them warm.

Arctic Animal Matching Games | Life Over C’s – Learn about the different type of Arctic animals with this fun printable game. Students will use their fine motor skills and memory skills while they learn winter animal names.

Exploring Animal Tracks in Winter | KC Edventures – Bundle up and go outside this winter on an animal tracks hunt! This is a great way to keep kids moving this winter while you explore different winter animal tracks!

This winter, use this set of learning ideas to help your children learn more about animals in winter. They will enjoy learning about their favorite winter animals with hands-on learning and fun printables.

Winter Animal for Preschool | Natural Beach Living – Add this printable pack to your learning about animals in winter! Children will explore where winter animals live and different characteristics of their favorite winter animal.

Why Are Polar Bears White? | Still Playing School – Explore winter animal camouflage with your children! This is a simple experiment you can create with materials you already have at home. I LOVE how easy it is to set up this experiment!

Arctic Animal Videos | Simply Kinder – Peek in on your favorite animals in their own winter habitat with this amazing set of learning videos. This list has videos to learn more about polar bears, penguins, and many migrating animals. You kids will really enjoy this addition to your winter learning.

Winter Bear Dramatic Play Activity  | Teaching 2 & 3 Year Olds – Add this dramatic play activity to your study of winter animals. Children can pretend they are hibernating bears or migrating birds. Your kids will learn new winter animal vocabulary while they work on socialization skills during play.

Presents for our Woodland Friends | Rockabye Butterfly – Take care of migrating and winter birds with DIY bird feeders. This is a great activity to help children learn to care for animals in the wild and enjoy the winter months outside.

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