We’ve got a word list to help build vocabulary this season with Christmas words that start with E! With simple descriptions and example sentences, this list is suitable for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Christmas Words That Start With E

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Christmas Words That Start With E

1. Eagerly

  • Description: Very excited and enthusiastic.
  • Example: “The children eagerly awaited Santa’s arrival.”

2. Eating

  • Description: The act of consuming food.
  • Example: “We were eating gingerbread cookies during the Christmas party.”

3. Ebenezer

  • Description: A name from the famous Christmas story, “A Christmas Carol.”
  • Example: “Ebenezer Scrooge learned to love Christmas.”

4. Edible

  • Description: Something that can be eaten.
  • Example: “The edible decorations on the cake were so colorful.”

5. Eggnog

  • Description: A traditional Christmas drink made with milk, eggs, and sugar.
  • Example: “Mom made delicious eggnog for the family gathering.”

6. Electric

  • Description: Powered by electricity, like Christmas lights.
  • Example: “The electric Christmas lights twinkled in the night.”

7. Elf

  • Description: A magical helper of Santa.
  • Example: “The elf was busy making toys at the North Pole.”

8. Elegant

  • Description: Beautiful and graceful.
  • Example: “The elegant Christmas tree stood tall in the living room.”

9. Elevate

  • Description: To lift up or make higher.
  • Example: “We elevate the star to place it on top of the Christmas tree.”

10. Emmanuel

  • Description: A name meaning ‘God is with us,’ often associated with Christmas.
  • Example: “The song ‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’ is sung during Christmas.”

11. Embrace

  • Description: To hug or accept something happily.
  • Example: “We embrace our friends and family during Christmas.”

12. Emitting

  • Description: Giving off, like light or a smell.
  • Example: “The candles were emitting a warm glow.”

13. Emotional

  • Description: Having strong feelings.
  • Example: “Christmas is an emotional time, filled with love and joy.”

14. Endearing

  • Description: Lovable or charming.
  • Example: “The endearing smile of Santa Claus makes us happy.”

15. Entertain

  • Description: To amuse or delight.
  • Example: “We entertain our guests with Christmas carols.”

16. Enjoyment

  • Description: The feeling of having fun.
  • Example: “The enjoyment of opening presents is a big part of Christmas.”

17. Enchanting

  • Description: Magical and captivating.
  • Example: “The enchanting Christmas lights lit up the whole street.”

18. Enlightening

  • Description: Providing knowledge or understanding.
  • Example: “Reading the Christmas story was enlightening for the children.”

19. Enormous

  • Description: Very big.
  • Example: “The enormous Christmas tree reached the ceiling.”

20. Enthusiastically

  • Description: With a lot of excitement and energy.
  • Example: “The kids enthusiastically sang Christmas carols.”

21. Enticing

  • Description: Attractive or tempting.
  • Example: “The enticing smell of Christmas cookies filled the air.”

22. Entrance

  • Description: The act of coming in or a place to enter.
  • Example: “Santa made a grand entrance through the chimney.”

23. Enthrone

  • Description: To place on a throne or a position of authority.
  • Example: “Santa was enthroned in his big, comfortable chair at the mall.”

24. Epic

  • Description: Amazing and very impressive.
  • Example: “The Christmas parade was an epic event for the town.”

25. Epiphany

  • Description: A Christian holiday celebrated on January 6th, remembering the Wise Men’s visit to Jesus.
  • Example: “We learned about the Epiphany in our Christmas story.”

26. Estimate

  • Description: To make a good guess.
  • Example: “Can you estimate how many candies are in the jar?”

27. Event

  • Description: Something special that happens.
  • Example: “The Christmas concert is a big event at our school.”

28. Evergreen

  • Description: A plant that stays green all year, like a pine tree.
  • Example: “We decorated the evergreen tree with ornaments.”

29. Eve

  • Description: The day or evening before an event.
  • Example: “On Christmas Eve, we hang our stockings.”

30. Exalt

  • Description: To praise or honor.
  • Example: “We exalt the joyous spirit of Christmas.”

31. Exchange

  • Description: To give something and get something else in return.
  • Example: “We exchange gifts with our friends.”

32. Excitement

  • Description: The feeling of being very happy and enthusiastic.
  • Example: “The excitement of Christmas morning is unforgettable.”

33. Express

  • Description: To show or tell a feeling or thought.
  • Example: “We express our love during Christmas.”

34. Extol

  • Description: To praise highly.
  • Example: “We extol the virtues of giving and sharing.”

35. Exuberance

  • Description: Full of energy and happiness.
  • Example: “The children’s exuberance was contagious during the holiday season.”

36. Embellish

  • Description: To decorate or add details.
  • Example: “We embellish our Christmas cards with glitter and stickers.”

37. Epistle

  • Description: A letter, often used in a religious context.
  • Example: “The Christmas epistle told a story of kindness and generosity.”

38. Everlasting

  • Description: Lasting forever or a very long time.
  • Example: “The everlasting joy of Christmas fills our hearts.”

39. Evening

  • Description: The end of the day, when it starts to get dark.
  • Example: “On Christmas evening, we gather around the fireplace.”

40. Excursion

  • Description: A short journey or trip.
  • Example: “Our Christmas excursion to see the lights was magical.”

41. Excess

  • Description: More than what is needed.
  • Example: “The excess of sweets at Christmas is always a treat.”

42. Expression

  • Description: The way someone shows their feelings or thoughts.
  • Example: “Her expression of joy when opening the gift was priceless.”

43. Effort

  • Description: Trying hard to do something.
  • Example: “The effort put into making the Christmas play was worth it.”

44. Effervescent

  • Description: Bubbly, lively, or excited.
  • Example: “The effervescent atmosphere at the Christmas party was infectious.”

45. Exquisite

  • Description: Extremely beautiful and delicate.
  • Example: “The exquisite Christmas ornaments were hand-painted.”

46. Essence

  • Description: The most important quality or part of something.
  • Example: “The essence of Christmas is sharing and caring.”

47. Extravaganza

  • Description: A large, exciting, and impressive event.
  • Example: “The Christmas extravaganza at school was a huge success.”

48. Elusive

  • Description: Hard to find or catch.
  • Example: “The elusive spirit of Christmas is found in unexpected moments.”

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